Monday, December 15, 2008

Ups N Downs

Avrianna got to go home!!! Boy was it a double edge sword for mom. I am so glad she got to go home but when her lil eyes teared up as she left out the front door....I just lost it when she left. She is so brave and worries so much about her brother. What an angel!! I'm sure the comforts of home and her own bed (or should I say my bed, heehee) will make the recovery process go alil smoother.
Danny was moved to a private room so we now have the luxury life (NOT). His room # is 447 so we just moved one room over, but now I have my own bathroom with shower (don't have to go down the hall to use either one any more), we don't have to deal with a neighbors issues (first one had gone into isolation so I'm alil concerned with what bugs might have been floating around in the room, second one screamed ALL night long, and this last one was a teenager that snored like a freight train. So tonight should be peaceful. They are not doing any labs over the night and they are not doing any RT treatments either so I am hoping he will sleep through the night. We gave him some additional pain meds as his pain is still hanging around (can't blame him for that). We are trying to alter his wheelchair so when we do get the green light to go we have the proper "wheels". They had brought in a regular wheelchair from him to try and I told them NOT IN THIS LIFETIME. There was no seat belts, straps, supports.... it was one of those collapsible wheelchairs you see in a store.....WHAT WERE THEY THINKING! Oh yeah that would be safe, NOT for my boy.
The Hemo team was in to talked about Danny's bleeding issues this weekend, but they really don't have a good grasp of what is really happening with him. They were going to run some other tests tonight and hopefully tomorrow morning they will have a better idea of what is going on with him.
They took another urine culture so by the morning we should have a better idea what kind of infection he is dealing with. I can only hope that with the amount of antibiotics they have him on C Diff doesn't come knocking on his door cuz that will be at least another 7-10 day stay.....and I want to get out of here before Christmas. I don't have the tree even decorated! I am so not in the holiday mood this year.
Well need to tend to my lil man. Thankfully my buddies the Prindles are rooming just down the hall from us so we can have our lil emotional out burst together. Dan took our computer home with him so Brenda is letting me use hers right now. I've never had a hospital experience when a friend was down here's so nice to have that support. Take care!
Please if you still want to get your pictures and messages into Danny's "Touched By Danny's Life" not too late! Forward them to me and I will get them in the book.

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