Monday, December 22, 2008

2nd post - Game Day

On a better note here are some pictures of my lil football fans. We are not big football fans here at The Osero household but we tend to get in the mood once in awhile. With a Monday night game and the Packers playing the Bears it is kind of big deal. Dan is a Bear fan...yeah I know there is no hope for him! So we dressed Danny in Bear attire too...only for today :) So the girls are wearing pack attire and well the boys are not, heehee.
Danny is excited to have Avrianna chill out in his bed with him!! See him smile I would cry too wearing the Bear's outfit. No....really, this is him when the pain meds wear off. Poor thing it just breaks my heart that I can't pick him up and rock him when he is like this. I just reposition him, give him more pain meds and stroke his hair till the meds kick in. Totally tugging a mom's heart strings here!

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