Saturday, December 13, 2008

First day of recovery

Today had it's up and downs but for the most part it was progress. The kids are still in separate rooms but we are making the most of it. Avrianna had her Foley taken out this morning so that means she needed to get out of bed. That was a challenge but after 45 minutes she made it off the bed, to the bathroom, and pee'd, YAY!! It is the simple things, LOL. She is getting better and better on every attempt and I am so proud of her!! Tonight is girls night watching Wall-E. She does need to start to eat more (just clear liquids yet) so her tummy can tolerate oral meds as they are planning on DCing the IV pain meds tonight or in the morning.
Danny was doing VERY well all day. Smiles and everything. I am so happy. But this afternoon his tummy and thigh started to really swell, heart rate went up, and hemo count dropped. So as I type he is getting a blood transfusion. Not sure what the on set of this is....but hoping the transfusion is all it he will need to get back on the recovery track. They attempted another blood draw, before they started the transfusion, to see how his PTT level is but again it was unsuccessful and the transfusion was too important to make him wait and poke him multiple times. His numbers were fine this morning and by 6 tonight he dropped down to 7. He is very tired and pale so hoping this pick me up will help.
Dan's dad and Claudia were here yesterday after the procedure and stayed till late morning today. Then this morning into tomorrow my Mom and Aunt came so that is helping alot with running up and down the stair case between floors. We did luck out as they put the kids right on top of each other so I just have to run up or down the staircase and they are right there. So it could be worse. UGH! Thanks for following our family's new journey! I will update tomorrow as I finally got my computer in the room and up a & running.

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