Saturday, December 20, 2008

How Appropriate!

Now if he could talk............ what do you think?? This is NOT the life I ordered would be appropriate......I think!! :)

My mom came over today for a couple hours and watched the kids for an hour while I ran to Walmart....that place was NUTS! I can't believe all the people. I needed to get some odds and ends so I was out of there in no time but some of those people you could tell had ALOT to do. YIKES!!! Thanks Nanny for the hour break .... even though it was for grocery shopping it was nice to get out for just a few.

Let it snow once is really pretty out, but this snow thing is getting old. I'm not a snow or cold lover if you haven't figured it out. LOL! I can't believe how much it has snowed this season already. Tomorrow is the first official day of winter so I can only imagine how much more we are in store for, sigh.

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