Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Birthday Boy! ~ 2nd post

Here is my Birthday boy!! He is kind of out of it today as the increase in meds have made him sleepy, but I'd rather have him comfy and recovering then crying and so rigid....especially on his Big Day. This is the most low key birthday for Danny but he seems to be enjoying!! Happy Birthday to my special lil man, Love you buddy. Next year I will make it up to you and throw the Biggest Bash everOf course Nanny came over to celebrate her lil boy's birthday and she brought Whitney and Tyler too. I was nice to see them! Thanks for the gifts ~ Danny will love wearing his t-shirts and looking at his snowman light. Nanny set him up right with bath stuff, pill crushers & splitters, warm fuzzy slippers, and a cool light board that plays with the beat of the music.
I was able to get the starry (sp?) strips off of his upper incision that runs along tummy (right under the ITB puck) over to his outer hip area...they were looking gross. The incision is looking great!! He has another incision about the same size that runs from the end of the outer hip down his thigh to about mid thigh. You can kind of see the tape under his leg. I didn't take those off as he had enough trama with the one today......He HATES tape!!!!! :(

Doesn't it look good!!!!! Yay :) I put some bacitracin ointment on it so it stays moist and has a protection barrier in the event he gets it "dirty". LOL Take care!

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