Sunday, December 7, 2008

We Made It

Just a quick update to let you all know we made it back to Wisconsin last night/this morning. We rolled in the driveway at 2am. We ended up ahead of schedule so we decided to head home and I'll leave tomorrow morning on the road again to head down to Milwaukee for Danny's appt at 6:30am, ugh! The weather wasn't bad till we hit mid Illinios and then we hit MAJOR winds. I had all I could to keep the RV on my side of the road. Other then the winds we really didn't hit any bad weather and for that I am so THANKFUL. Well I need to keep on truck'n with all that needs to get done in this week. I'm beat as to days driving till 2-3 am and only on 5 hours sleep in 48 hours. I guess I'll get alot of R&R time sitting in the hospital this weekend. I'll post alil later today, but just wanted you to know WE MADE IT!
**There is still time to get you pictures in for Danny's scrapbook***

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