Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cleaning Up

Today I am starting to get life back to "normal". I am putting the Christmas stuff away and then if I have time I'm going to take the tree down. This season I'm just not into it.....usually the tree and decorations are up the day after Thanksgiving and not taken down till Jan 2nd, but not this year. I got the stockings and (thanks to Avrianna and my aunt) the tree up this year just in the nick of time and I'm already looking forward to taking it down. Don't get me wrong this Christmas was awesome with not having to go ANYWHERE, just hanging out with Dan and the kids, and playing with all the toys (it was so great I do believe it's going to be a new tradition around here, sorry famiy). But my mind set really wasn't into the Holiday in general. I had a bunch of munchie food ready so when people stopped by then I was ready for some entertaining. Most everyone stopped by to see the kids and say their Merry Christmas's so that was great. We just didn't go from place to place seeing the same people over and over....they came to us. We had our first Wii party last night with my sister's was GREAT! Fun times had by all. I am so soar now though I've used muscles that I forgot I had. We got the Wii Fit too so I've been doing Yoga, balance games, and Aerobics so that should help in me getting back in shape (at home instead of having to go out). Boy was that a sock to the system.....she (wii) is so brutal.....I'm overweight and not really good at the training yet and she lets you know it....even makes your lil Mii person fat too, LOL. I'm so mad at her it is giving me the incentive to Kick it's BUTT, heehee. I would hate to see what she would have said a month and 10lbs ago...she probably would have just bursting out laughing when I got on it.
Danny is doing better but still requires his pain meds. Yesterday he had another blow out for me, LOL. So I am praying that this incision doesn't get infected. I swear the more I try to keep it clean the more HE thinks he needs to keep it dirty, what a BOY!!
Well just figured out my home phone line isn't working.....but the computer is??? That is weird but will need to call the phone company to see what the deal is. It is super duper foggy here and even raining? Only in Wisconsin can we get a record 39.7" of snow fall in December and then the last few days of December it rains. Well now Dan won't have to put the extension on the snow blower, as the snow banks were getting so tall the snow blower shoot wasn't able to get over them causing everything to hit the banks and blow right back at Dan, LOL. Alot of the snow is melting, YAY! I just hope the temp doesn't drop and this all freeze or it could get dangerous out! Take care

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