Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jingle Bells Express

The train ride went very well. I had thought in the beginning it was going to go bad and fast. When I went into the depot to check in they were telling me were to board on the train and then where I should put the wheel chair when he gets situated in the train.....WHAT??? I told them that he can not travel in the train unless he is in his wheelchair and I had informed the women of that when I booked the tickets. So my head started to spin am I going to tell my daughter she isn't going on the train. OMG this is going to be bad! The ladies were running around to find out HOW can they get us on that train......they were very nice about it. So they did some moving of things around and WE GOT TO GO...YAY! I was a very nice time. They played reindeer volleyball, sang songs, made reindeer antlers, had snacks and listened to The Polar Express. The kids had fun! The air was cold in the train as I think they were trying to mock winter cold but other then that it was a fun time.

Seminole Gulf Railroad Passenger Train
The inside of the passenger train all decorated for the Jingle Bell Express RideMy cute lil reindeer!!

The conductor and his reindeer elf!

I did forget to bring new batteries so I wasn't able to take many pictures cuz of course the first picture I took the battery light came on, ugh!!

MAJOR ISSUE TODAY.....Mom had a senior moment or I was assuming it was going to get done, whatever or whomever is to blame.......Danny's food bag got left behind at the condo and I didn't notice till the train was ready to leave and we are 45 mins from the condo, OMG!!! I have never never never forgotten his food before, I was devastated and disappointed to say the least. I felt just terrible!! They were handing out CapriSun juice bags for the snack on the train and I had a extra big syringe in his wheelchair bag so guess what he got. LOL! He has never had "juice" before so we'll see what 2 juice bags does to knock his system off whack. Poor thing! He probably liked it but I know how crucial his diet needs to be so this could get ugly!! I hope not and hope that my improvising will sit well with his system.

Danny's last therapy with Ms Becky at Kidspirit went well. She is so wonderful with Danny! I highly recommend them for your child's therapies. Way to Go Ms Becky! We will see you again in a couple of months. He was awake again for the whole session and even made some purposeful movements for her, YAY! He did unfortunately have 2 outburst of crying and 2 other episodes that made her aware that HE WAS NOT HAPPY! I am glad he is speaking of his dislikes and likes but now I'm alil nervous of why he was having discomfort. God I hate it went he can't tell me what hurts!! After therapy he has been back to his old self again so thinking it was just a postural thing but will keep a close eye on him. Thanks Ms Becky for the wonderful gifts for the kids they are great projects that we can do together in the hospital! You will be in our thoughts!

Once again another day of NO PEEPEE from Danny. So that in itself made it the 3rd stressful day in regards to no peeing. I can't wait till I open his pants up and see a blue stripe again on the diaper....let me tell you I will do the happy dance and Danny gets some ice cream, Heehee

Take care and please forward me your pictures and messages to Danny for his Christmas scrapbook......thanks for reminding me Ms Becky to bring in the camera, don't worry I'll get you when I get back, heehee!!

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