Friday, December 5, 2008

Home COLD Home!!

We are on getting the last minute things done and then we are off, UGH! Avrianna has been pleading with us to stay or too live here as she is not ready for the cold and snow either. Danny has a sad face on so I think he is disputing the ride up North also. Oh well to Wisconsin we go!! Last night Dan and I took the kids to "Bolt" the movie and it was in 3D.....Danny had his first 3D movie. I think he enjoyed it~ and I KNOW Avrianna did, except for the end as things really started to pop out of the screen which scared her. I LOVE animated movies but in my opinion it wasn't one of my favorites.
Good news!!!!!! Danny peed all day by himself yesterday, YAY! No cathing! Hopefully this will continue on the ride home as cathing is not fun AT ALL!
Well got to and wash the floors and the babies, heehee, and then we are off. I will try and post on the way but probably won't have a chance till back in the snow, sigh! Thanks for following our story. Take care!
There is still some time left to send me your pictures and messages for Danny's Christmas scrapbook. It's going to be great!!

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