Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting Ready!

Sorry I didn't post again yesterday but I was busy NUTS and I still have so much to do. This morning we started our venture back down to Milwaukee at 6am, ugh. The kids were great though! I didn't have enough coffee so you know.....lil pissy, LOL. The appt went well they checked Danny out, went through a series of questions they had for me about him, and then sent him to the lab. WOW they took 6 vials of blood....but only ONE poke, YAY! I think that is a record for them. Everything is set Danny is to be there by 6:30 and surgery is at 7:30 I am to give him his 8am meds at 4:30 in the morning and then nothing more in his tummy. Avrianna got to speak with a Child Life support lady and they gave her a doll all dressed up and ready to go to surgery. They also gave her a bag full of comfort goodies.......stuff to familiarize Avrianna to ie: arm bands, boots, hair net, gas mask (and do you know the kids can pick out the smell of gas like watermelon, bubble gum, strawberry.....that is cool), and a booklet for her to read and color about the operation room. Avrianna liked getting it so hoping now it won't be as scary for her. This is such a different experience then with ALL of Danny's surgeries. Avrianna is scheduled to be in by 7am and surgery for her is at 8am. Both surgeries will be about 3.5 hours. I've been asked where the hospital is for people to send things ..... Children's Hospital of Wisconsin 9000 w. Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee WI 53201 414-266-2000
JUST GOT A CALL *******UPDATE******* Danny's labs are "off "....his PT levels are elevated which means he isn't clotting properly so he has to potential of excess bleeding. I am to go fill a prescription of Vitamin K and give him a one time does and redo labs Wednesday morning. If they go down he is in the clear and can do surgery, but if this doesn't bring it down then Danny will have to see a Hematologist (OK NEVER had to see one of these specialist for DANNY before) before surgery and that won't happen before Friday so they will cancel his surgery. Even if it does I'm sure we'll have to follow up with a hemo doc now, but later down the road. OK can you say FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What next? Is there ever a dull moment here? Another Specialist!!!!!
I got the RV cleaned out and winterized and I got the tree up yesterday but not decorated. I had hoped to get to tree decorated and our bags back for the hospital stay but I'm not getting anything accomplished as I have a headache that is just killing me. I have Steve (the one who made Danny's bed) coming over tomorrow to take his bed apart and reassemble it in my living room, but now not sure what to do????????? My head is just throbbing and spinning with TOO many thoughts.
Avrianna bit into a bit of angel food candy just a few minutes ago and she is now one more tooth less. She is so excited the tooth fairy is coming again. She still has a hole from the last fall out and now this one.....PLUS both her upper front teeth are loose so she might look all funny in a couple more days......4 missing teeth, heehee. I will be playing ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is my 4 front teeth, for her.
I was suppose to go to a support meeting tonight but with all the stuff I still need to do, my headache, and the beginning of a winter storm knocking on our door (anywhere from 6-14" tonight into tomorrow) I think I am going to pass. With all the excitement here in the last couple hours I'm sure I would be no fun to be around anyway!
I will let you know how things turn out!!
Please forward me your pictures and messages for Danny Christmas scrapbook, there is still time!

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