Friday, December 19, 2008

It's all Good

Today is a better day. I have been able to get more of a "flow" with our "activities" in the Osero houseold. I even gave the kids a bath/shower/sponge bath and got out of the house with both kids in a snow storm this morning....not by choice, but I did it. Danny needed to go into Dr Kasper's office for post-op appt (Dr K was going to come to the house this morning and do the appt here but then remembered Danny needed labs.....You ROCK Dr K, Thanks for trying!) Danny's labs were AWESOME and back to Danny's "normal" so that rules out the anemia from chronic disease that the Hemo Dr was convinced he has. We took the dressing off so Dr K could see the incisions and they looked AWESOME too, no seeping at all so Dr K said we didn't have to dress it any more. Danny cried through the whole ripping of the tape off, poor thing. Let me tell you Danny has perfected the pouty lip will break your heart, SERIOUSLY. So Dr K said NO MORE TAPE and just let me lay a piece of gauze were the brace rubs his leg. Last night and still today he is in some significant pain so I have been round the clock giving him his pain meds. I think it weird that he did so well the first couple days with pain and now you know exactly when the meds are wearing off. I wonder if some of the pain is related to laying down all the time and missing being held (yeap I spoiled him and held him ALOT) I bet he misses his mommy holding him....Thanks again for all of you words of encourgement it mean more then words can say!! Take care

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Glad to hear things are going better