Friday, December 12, 2008

They are IN

It is 8:30 am and both are in their OR rooms. Danny went in first at 8 and that just started the inconsolable crying for Avrianna....she wanted her brother back!! Danny was already sleeping in the holding area so it didn't seem to bother him at all, me on the other hand, I can't even drink a cup of coffee as I'm shaking so badly I'll spill it. Avrianna is scared to death and I am scared for her. She pleaded with me to NOT have this done today. I was able to stay strong and NOT cry in front of the kids, but now I'm just a mess!!! My poor babies I wish I could make it better for them. I would trade placed with them in a HEART BEAT! Both kids have blood on hold for them in the chance that they will need a pick me up. I was told that Danny will probably come out with a central line (which freaks me out even more for a higher risk of infection) in as his poor lil vein just aren't looking to cooperative. Both surgeries will take ALL OF 3 hours so I will keep you posted as I hear. They will come out and let me know when they are both ready to start their procedures. Ugh ~ I am just sick to my stomach. Avrianna was excited that she was able to pick out Danny's cast color in the event he needs a cast instead of the brace. It will be Green and red "accents", she is so good to her brother!! Thanks for keeping our family in your prayers and thoughts, we appreciated it GREATLY! I'm not sure of what room we will be in yet till they are out....I know some wanted to send things to the kids so I will get the room # on here as soon as I find out!
Please keep Danny's good friend Ryan Prindle in your thoughts as he is having surgery also.
Ok ~ just found out Danny is out and they were able to get 3 IV's in him so no central lines as of now. We got the anesthesiologist we wanted for him so I was feeling alil better about him going under. She did mention he is cool his body temp is about 94 right now and they would like it higher but he tend to run cold normally. They are going to let him be and see how he does but if he should start to bleed too much then they will warm him up. The anesthesiologist is going to check on Avrianna for me right now. That was so nice of her!

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