Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa's New Ride!!

Santa just doesn't know it yet, but I have a red nosed Dalmatian with jingle bells for a collar ready to pull the sleigh for the big night....Heehee. She is ALL ready to GO!!Isn't she the cutest!! This was Danny's halloween costume this year, but it was too hot in Florida for him to wear it. He JUST fit into it and look it fits her perfect.
This was our art project today....hand print reindeer. Danny even corporated (well for the most part!) so I could get his reindeer done too. My SMILE is back if only for a lil while......but it was GREAT to see! As you can see I have my sassy T-Shirt on today ..... You Can Have My Sister! HeeheeAvrianna was so excited as a big box came in the mail today addressed to her and her brother. Thank You so very much Uncle Tim and Amanda we love our gifts!
My sister is reading me your get well card to me....then she read me The Snowman book. It was so cool that they popped out of the book.So true ..... the pillow says it ALL. Uncle Tim is my Dad's BEST friend....they went to school together and Uncle Tim STILL puts up with my Dad, LOL!The pillow fits perfectly under my braces .... THANKS!
GERMS stay OUT!! We are laying low for the holidays so the kids don't get sick. With Avrianna not having a spleen she can't fight off those nasty virus, bugs, and infections. If Avrianna get so much has a fever now I have to bring her in, so we are locking out any visitors that may want to visit that are sick. And Danny has NO pants so we are staying inside, LOL! Visitors are totally welcome but please be considerate and post pone any visits if under the weather with ANYTHING! Thanks
I am working on the Touched By Danny's Life scrapbook.....Please forward your picture and message to Danny and I will add it to the book. There is still time! Thanks to all of you that have already sent Danny your wonderful messages and pictures. This is such a great memory that I can read and show Danny for years to come.

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