Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pins and Needles!

It has been a stressful 24 hours to say the least here in the Osero household. Last night Dan and I ran the kids to the hospital to get more lab results. I HATE going to this hospital as it has alot of bad memories for me there, but we needed results right away so going there was my only option, sigh! Avrianna needed blood draws too so that in it self was STRESSFUL. She screamed once she knew she wasn't getting a finger poke, poor thing. Dr Kasper wanted to make sure Avrianna was on an even scale seeing Danny's was off (plus he was ruling out another blood disorder he had thought maybe both kids may have had). Avrianna other then the screaming and pleading was not too poke tons of screaming and done. Danny on the other hand.....5 lab technicians and 2 HOURS later no blood was drawn. I threw in the towel as how much can one lil boy take.....I was STRESSED OUT and he was bruised ALL over!!!!!!!!!!!!! The immediate results were not happening last night! This morning the kids had their pre op appts with Dr Kasper and if he wasn't the lucky one.....3 attempts and a VERY VERY slow draw he (yeap I made him do the dirty work today...he and Danny usually have a good relationship when I comes to getting blood draws) got the amount of blood they needed to run the PTT test again. We went ahead with the day as if the surgery for Danny was going to happen and got everything ready. Danny weighed in at 54 lbs and 41.5" tall today...HOLY CRAP....did someone forget to tell Danny he is only going to be 5 in a couple of weeks. He is definitely going to have to go on another diet....he only gets 2 cans of formula in 24 hours as it is but he is still continuing to gain ALOT of weight, UGH! Avrianna is squared....she is 45lbs and 45" tall....what a peanut. Talk about from one extreme to the other, LOL! We were able to give Dr Kasper his Christmas present today and Avrianna was so excited to give him his gift. Then we went to McDonald's for a quick lunch and then Avrianna had a dental appt. Her teeth are pearly white, but her two rear molars CAME IN with cavities. I didn't know that was possible but I guess so. She will need to go in to have them filled in February and then they are going to put a sealer on her teeth as this will make 3 cavities on baby teeth, sigh. And we ALL know how well she does with shots!! I'm so suprised as she is so good with brushing. flossing, and yes she even does mouth wash. From the dentist we headed to my least fav hospital once again as Dr. Edgar was there today and we had his ITB pump turned up (so he'll be getting more meds to make him looser) for surgery. On our way there I hit a cat in the road so I've been beating myself up for just came out of no where and I hit the brakes but it was too late, sigh. That's what I needed on a day like today, NOT!! Dr. Kasper called me while on the way to see Dr Edgar and Danny's PTT labs this morning have come down alil. He is in the high normal range but they are going to do surgery still on Friday. Dr. Kasper found out the problem with the elevated PTT levels as Danny isn't getting enough Vitamin K in his diet so we are going to have to supplement him with a pill weekly from now on. So I am so glad we found the source of this dilemma and it was an "easy" fix. Boy that's enough to make me go completely gray, LOL. Planning this surgery for months and days before almost having to cancel, woohoo I could have stayed in Florida if I knew this was going to be so stressful. I did find out today how BIG this surgery is going to be for Danny.....I guess I was naive to think it was simple but with the facts today I found out TOTALLY WRONG! This is going to be huge and painful and did you all know that bones bleed? I didn't till today.....they are going to have a unit of blood on hand just in case Danny is going to need a pick me up. Ok now I'm freaking about the surgery for him too!!!!!! While Danny is in house Dr Kasper wants us to talk with an endocrinologist as Danny is showing many signs of early puberty (AGAIN NOT EVEN 5 YET) so I'm finding all this SO hard to wrap my head around. I'm just spinning and can NOT wait till this is put behind us. In 18 hours we are leaving for one of the biggest life changing events and I'm not ready, NOT at ALL. What to bring what not to bring 4 people 5ish days and what do I expect. I guess we'll deal with whatever comes our way as it comes. Tomorrow the kids go in the morning to get there passports done (we need them for Avrianna's Make A Wish on a Disney Cruise early next year) and then in the afternoon Danny has his IEP. I know can we fit anymore in....I might need this down time at the hospital, LOL! Alright too much to due and not enough time to do it in. And sitting here on the computer isn't helping. I probably won't update again till Friday morning. If I do get some time I will tomorrow but not sure I will. I will let you all know how things went after they are both in surgery so it will probably be about 8ish Friday morning when I get to sit by the computer and WAIT. Thanks for your support and kind words I don't know what I would do without you guys as my sounding board! Take care


Anonymous said...

My Goodness you sure have your hands full!
Best of luck to both kids and you too Lori ... I'll be anxiously waiting to hear everything went fine. :)
Linda ( from the disability support group )

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,

Sending you the biggest of loves honey, you are going through one hell of an emotional time and if i didnt live all the way in the UK i would do all i can to help you!!!!

Both your little Babies are going through a very hard time at the moment, but their is no one better to see them throught it than you!!

Keep strong my honey,

All our love

Caz and Declan xxxxxxxxxx

Angoraknitter said...

PTT...clotting time, I clotted too well after my surgery, lol. Well, I'll be thinking and praying for you all tomorrow.