Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bath day

Here are I am getting all cleaned up.....this is my shower/bath for the next 6 weeks. The cap on my head washes my hair it is so weird. The red mark on my belly is were they went to take the tape off and they took my skin with it, OUCH! But I am smiling, YAY! All clean!! And then my mom got me up in my chair and we went to visit our friends down the hall. YAY! Then I had a blow out so my Mom put me back in bed and gave me another sponge bath. Well I got to keep her busy, LOL. The Princess balloon is my sisters but she left it here for me so I wouldn't forget her. I MISS YOU AVRIANNA!!
Our good freinds Brenda and Ryan Prindle...thanks for being me sound board on this journey! Here it is the RYAN PRINDLE smile!!!

This is what WE do for daily entertainment! Heehee ~ LIFE IS GOOD, NOT! Look at ALL those machines, WOW!

This is Stacy, heehee. She didn't want me to take her picture.....Gotcha! Not too much to report today. I might be able to go home tomorrow so cross your fingers!!

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Nikki & boys said...

It is amazing how much of Zachary I see in Danny. I am glad he's doing better today and smiling. Nothing like those smiles to pick your heart up off the floor! Right?!?! Hopefully yall are home soon!