Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas Day! Everything at The Osero household went pretty well. I can't say uneventful but we did good. Avrianna slept till 7:30am (which I was totally surprised she slept that long), I could hear her lil feet walk down the hallway and then turn around and RUN back to Dan & my bedroom. She went right over to her Dad's side of the bed to woke him up first...cuz Santa had come, LOL. We got out of bed and went into the living room and lil man was up too..with smiles :) YAY!! We opened our gifts....over here we open each one at a time so we ALL can see what everyone got...needless to say over an hour later the gifts were open. Santa brought the family Wii (we must have all been good to get a "family" gift this year). Avrianna got a Bratz scooter and Danny got Elmo Live, from Santa. Avrianna was so excited that Santa gave more then one gift this year!! With all the kids in the world that he needs to bring gifts for we ask that he only bring one gift for each of our children. Plus it makes it easier on me not having to worry if Santa is bringing over the same things that I buy for them, heehee.

So happy she got a scooter!So many presents they went behind the couch ~ Oh MY!!!
Danny blessed us with a HUGE gift.....a MAJOR blow out, YUCK! I mean MAJOR. It took all of me, Dan, and Avrianna helping to get the job cleaned up. I even had to change all his brace padding, that was alot of fun, NOT! But thanks to all the team work from the family he was cleaned up in not time. Of course because I gave him a sponge bath last night he couldn't stay clean for long. Only CONCERNING issue is that his gauze pads over the questionable incision on his belly were saturated in BM, Oh NO! I cleaned it out as good as I could, poor lil guy cried so hard :( and I put bacitracin ointment with new gauze pads on. Now we are just hoping for the infections....cross your fingers. With an open incision and BM soaked gauze pads things don't look to good thought. I am going to take some more pictures tomorrow (another warning just in case I due post them on here) so Dr Kasper can see them again and we can get his opinion.

It has been SO NICE staying at home this Christmas. No running here and there, going in and out. This is the FIRST Christmas of Danny's life he hasn't ended it in a sensory overload seizure fit.....want to take a guess with how we are doing it next year? I am seriously considering spending it in Florida!
Danny sleeping peaceful during our Christmas Day......after the blow out, LOL! Doesn't he look like a Christmas Angel?? Again Danny was in considerable amount of pain so he missed parts of the holiday but he deserves to just have some serious R&R time to recover. Ms Avrianna is still doing GREAT! She took her tape off last night in the bath tub and she is good to go, they all look wonderful. Dan and Avrianna have been playing Wii ALL DAY (which is so weird as we are not video game people) so that was a great family gift, Thanks Santa!! The big Christmas dinner I had planned has been postponed due to the munching ALL DAY here. I have had snacky foods out since we woke up just about so none of us wanted to sit down and have a BIG dinner. So tomorrow is my homemade lasagna and garlic bread. YUM!!

AssemblingInstructingAvrianna giving her Dad a run for his Money....she is SO GOOD!!

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