Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Appt, Appt, and more Appts!

Boy how exhausting today was. I sat on the phone ALL morning coordinating appts for the kids (well mostly Danny). After hours of moving things around it's all done....I hope. I have 3 full days of appts for Danny on Jan 21-22 and then again Feb 4. He is going to get a complete run down of follow-ups not only from the surgery but also with ALL the specialists that see Danny. 3 days to fit in all the docs, WOW.....I think the list is too long, LOL.
Let it snow...........AGAIN, ugh. I wish I could click my heels 3 times and say "There's no place like Florida", heehee. Time is just not moving fast enough for me and ALL this snow is making it worse. Too dream, sigh!!! We are anticipating another 6" tonight, YUCK.
Danny has been playing possum with the camera and getting him to "talking", so no go there...but I have the camera close and hidden so just maybe I can catch him, LOL. He got a clean over today with a sponge bath, nail clipping, hair washing, and then his favorite a lotion massage. He even gave me those eyes like.....Oh don't stop this is HEAVEN. I managed to slip my hand down the back of his brace and give his lower back a rub down. He LOVED it!!
Avrianna has been back in the swing of things with her school work. It was alil rough to get the routines back in place since surgery but we are pulling ahead once again. We have incorporated the new Wii Fit games that we got for Christmas in for our daily PE. We have a great time playing it together and it keeps us moving inside...hopefully getting Mom in shape too, LOL. Avrianna also got alot of computer school stuff so she was SO excited when I downloaded all of her material onto our old laptop. She has been working so hard and doing such a great job ..... she deserves it!
We are getting more disappointing news in regards to the adoption process. This whole getting the home study done is becoming a ROYAL pain. The social worker is coming out to the house for our meetings which is very helpful for us but to get the "training" done is nuts. Dan and I had already done our 16 hours training but because it was with our first agency the second wouldn't honor it so we need to do it over on their terms. With the first one we were able to due Internet courses so we could do it on our time frame, but with this new one we need to meet somewhere and the options are not working for us. Dan had gone to part of it and was going to finish it in Jan but instead they didn't sign him up for it and now the course is FULL. So Dan can't finish his part and I can't get mine done. I had planned for this and even had gotten someone to watch the kids for us....but now we can't get in. I requested forms twice to get registered with no replies from a social worker and now we are OUT OF LUCK! I am so pissy.....don't go the extra mile to help out a family that wants a child. The system SUCKS right now!
Please keep our good CB family in your thoughts today as today would have been Angel Jayden's birthday. They are missing him so MUCH! To follow their story www.caringbridge.org/visit/jayden HAPPY Birthday Jayden....balloons were sent off your way!
Take care!

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