Sunday, November 30, 2008

Twinkling Smile

Kodak moment......I just have to share. While Lil man was relaxing on the couch today I put the telephone to his ear, when I was talking to Dan. Danny gave me this look of what is on my head and then Dan spoke...........OMG, the smile that instantly appeared on his face when he heard his daddy's voice. He was so excited he was opening his mouth as if to talk but he just couldn't find his voice today, that's ok, the smile said it ALL. I wish I had a camera to capture that. We MISS YOU DADDY...see you soon!!

Today was very dreary around here. This morning it was VERY windy and by the afternoon the rain came in. With the high winds and HEAVY rain it was a good day to stay inside. So I cleaned the condo, did laundry, watched movies and played games with the kids. Avrianna put up a blanket tent in my dining room and she "thinks" she is going to sleep in there tonight....we'll see how long sleeping on a tile floor will last, heehee What a good day to get caught up on things around here. Now we are all ready for Dan to come back, he will be returning to Florida late Tuesday night. The neighbors have asked if they could help out by watching the kids for me so then I can take the van to the airport and leave it there for when Dan comes in (around midnight) and then I don't have to drag the kids out to pick him up. Thanks, Linda & Collin!!

Tomorrow Speech will be here in the morning and I am assuming she will be taking back the toys/equipment as this will be her last visit till we come back in February and they won't allow me to use them for our "visit" back to WI. I might be able to keep them till Thursday and give the stuff back to the Teacher when she comes on her last visit. I hope so as I will be able to show Dan some of the cool things Danny has been doing down here. I have forwarded the things Danny is using down here up to WI to see if we can get the equipment and programs that he is currently using and is so much enjoying.

***Again please send your pictures and messages for Danny to me as soon as possible so I can get his TOUCHED BY DANNY'S LIFE scrapbook completed by Christmas. Avrianna and I are so excited to put it together for him. What a wonderful keep sake that we can continue to add to and to enjoy forever!! I am so hoping it will turn out like the vision I have in my head.

Take care!

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