Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day!!!

THANK YOU!! To all the men and women who gave us our freedom. I know that you gave up SO much for us.... good and bad.....you never are the same as I find some people find themselves in the military and some lost themselves not only physically but mentally in the military and for that I THANK YOU! Going out into the unknown and not really knowing what you'll find is a step that not all too many can move towards. You truely are HERO'S, ALL OF YOU! This day is for you!

Tomorrow afternoon is Danny's first meeting with PT and then Friday at 9am is our next meeting for therapies, that will be with the school system. Not too impressed with the time of the appt as we live about 45 minutes away from the place so I need to definately be on my game with all the treatments, cathing, feeding, meds, dressing, etc to get all of us out the door by 8am. We'll see how that goes, I just don't have the warm fuzzy for them....they have let my son down in SOOOO many ways. I can only hope that I can wipe the slate clean on Friday and they can get their crap together. Put the past behind me, LOL

Friday morning my Aunt is leaving to go back to Wisconsin so the house will be back to "normal" for us. At least after all the hustle and bustle of Friday mornings appt,LOL I am looking into some fun stuff to do around the local area here so we'll get out and do something once in awhile. As Bonnie LOVES to shop so we've been out almost everyday and I know once she leaves things will calm down ALOT! Love her being here but still nice to get back to our routines!

Just got an update from Connie as she is packing up Danny's BFF Griffin to go to the ER, please keep them in your thoughts. Get better Grif!!!!!!

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