Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Switch!!

Well here he is......I took one of his socks and cut the top part off. Then stuck it over his hand/fingers and I put velcro on both the sock and the switch so the switch doesn't fall out of his hand. So smart!! Excuse the date on some of these as I forgot to set the date right, oops!

He can do both positions with this set up.....he can squeeze the switch with his fingers or he can pull it towards his body and press down....which you can see he is using it both ways :)

FYI ~ to make pictures bigger you just have to click on them.
He likes the dinosaur!! Smile :)Can you see him trying to look at it!Avrianna is reading him a Story on the computer and he has to click it to turn the page :) WOW!!!! Here he is using his fingers.
Here he decided to press it up against his body. AMAZING!! This is one PROUD momma :)

Present Idea :**************************************************************
I got an idea from another kiddo I follow (thanks Heather) for a gift for Danny. I would like to start up a scrapbook of his friends, family, and followers. Something I could put together and be able to read and show him whenever. So if you'd like to participate in this gift please send me a picture and comments that I could add with it. You can email me them or send me an email and I can give you my address (if you don't have it). I will be a great project for me when we are in the hospital too :) You know me always have to be busy!!

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Nikki & boys said...

I wanted to get Zachary that dinosaur for Christmas! Do you love it? Zachary is now using a switch thats on his chair and he activitates with his face. I tell you what, when I look at your pics and stuff, I see alot of Zachary in them. Ourboys are alot alike!