Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Day

Well sleep seems to be few and far between for my lil man, sigh! He is getting up around 2-4 every morning now with these "reflux" episodes, argh! Along with having them during his day feedings. He has also started just recently becoming more "wet". He is blowing bubbles out of his mouth more and has even started to drool here and there. I just hope that he doesn't have any aspirations do the the increase secretions and possible reflux. So I'm not too sure what to do. He hasn't had a bowel movement in 3 days either....I've given him enema's once every day but no go, literally, just air and a spot, maybe. So again stumped!!
Today I got a phone call from Milwaukee (and no not from the doctor...go figure) but they managed to make my schedule work for them....that's a surprise. They must REALLY want Danny's hip surgery done. I'm still not sure about this consult as he has NEVER had one before and Avrianna isn't required the have believe me I will be going in half heartily and they had better not WASTE my time with a 5 minute appt, or I am NOT going to be a happy momma. So I will be swinging into the hospital on our way home from Florida Monday the 8th at 8:30 am .... hope they have enough room for the RV, heehee.
Therapy on the other hand has been going VERY well. I am really excited with the "angle" that they are all going with in regards to Danny's education. It really is an education down here not just playtime/therapy. I am just amazed in the last week what all the therapist are doing down here to help me help Danny learn to communicate. And he is doing so WELL with it.... my lil boy is just stuck in a body that won't allow him to do the things he wants. He is so inquisitive with all the new things that have been brought out and shows consistentcy in such a short time of bring it out. WOW! Did I say how PROUD of my lil man I am.
Today PT came out this afternoon for his first
PT eval from the school district down here and she was so nice....they structure the therapy so differently here then in WI. Each therapist here comes out to aid in the teachers ability to teach him properly instead of coming out and doing therapy. I am so happy that Danny is getting "The best of both worlds". He comes down here and they have given us SO MUCH to help in Danny's communication and then we go home and he gets "therapies". Seeing both ways I really am loving it as what one doesn't do the other does and he will have all advantages of being all he can be! Well I know it was a VERY rough road to get Danny "going" with the therapies down here but in the last week they have totally redeemed themselves and have just WOW'D me. Yay Danny!
This morning Danny had Speech here while Avrianna went to Grandma's to do an art project making reindeer out of dog treats. Tomorrow is Grandma & Grandpa's last day here so I know Avrianna is going to miss riding her bike over there for a change of pace around here. Avrianna and Danny did hand print turkeys today for an art project here and they both had a fun time. I even got Danny to smile while doing it :) Now if I could just get him to corporate for a painted hand print, NOT! Then we were off to the pool for an afternoon dip.
Again for anyone interested in participating in Danny's Christmas present. I am making him a scrapbook of family, friends, followers, therapist, docs ect that I can read to him over and over to show him how many lives he has touched in so many ways TOUCHED BY DANNY'S LIFE ......... so if you'd like to be added to his book PLEASE forward me a picture of you and or your family with a special message that you would like me to add to it. Please email them to me or email me and I will get you my address if you'd prefer snail mail. Thanks!! Take care

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