Friday, November 7, 2008

Sad eyes

Well Dan left this evening back home for Wisconsin and Ms Avrianna is VERY sad. Those two are two peas in a pod let me tell you! He has work to do with new prospective properties (Dan is in real estate development), get ready for hunting, and over see the new house project. He can never sit still for too long and he doesn't enjoy pool and sun time. LOL! The fair skin and red hair tends to make him NOT like being outdoors around here. But as he was getting ready to head back home to the rain, snow and cold weather he was as happy as a lil kid in a candy store. He just LOVES this time of year in Wisconsin (as you can tell we are completely opposite with climates, heehee). He is coming back in the beginning of December to help us drive back up to Wisconsin so it will be a good 3 weeks before he blesses us with his presence. Here is some pictures taken this afternoon just before we had to drop him off at the airport!

Danny is now back to his old self and has now peed for two day straight all on his own, YAY! He woke up alittle congested today, but as the day went on he cleared up (plus an extra Mr. Jiggles helped there too).

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