Monday, November 3, 2008

Working Plumbing!

I think I figured out the issues with Danny and his peepee problems. I also realized yesterday that he hadn't had a bowel movement in four days either. So after the babylax enema, some much needed assistance, and three (yes three) diapers later I think he is cleaned out, YAY! Danny even peed twice today all by himself. So I guess constipation and lack of peepee go hand in hand. Poor thing! He even gave me a few smiles today.
Today after her school work was done, Avrianna hung out by the pool with Aunt Bonnie and Grandma/pa Kohl. While Dan, Danny and myself ran some errands. Tomorrow is going to be Danny and my day to sit and relax by the pool too as we haven't been able to get to the pool yet.
Unfortunately once AGAIN the Lee County School system has failed my son! I really had high hopes for them but nope.......they knew I was coming here over a month ago and they just now scheduled an IEP update for Nov 14th. WTF!! So by the time they get to the meeting and start scheduling something for him Thanksgiving break will be here and then we leave. ARGH! I am going to start calling around for at least a PT tomorrow. I'm sure the Children's Hospital that I took Avrianna to this spring would have therapist there or at least a lead to someone. I wanted to really work out and stretch lil man before surgery so I am going to have to step up to the plate even more if I can't find anyone....or he'll have to bring his WI therapist with us when we come down here, heehee.
Tomorrow night we will have to watch the election to see how it turns out. I'm not big on politics but like to see how it ends. My opinion is they all lie and cheat just to get the votes they want then they don't follow through. It is what it is and we'll have to deal with the outcome....which ever one is elected they alot of work to do and alot eyes on them.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Danny!!!,

Your so much like Dec what are you boys like!!!!!!

Sending you and your gorgeous big sister lots of love and kisses, stay strong guys!!

Love Caz and Dec xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx