Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hello - I didn't get lost!

Well we made it to the Sunny State (FLORIDA)! I had phone issues when we first got here so I couldn't get the computer to work either. Today I had a service guy come over and walla we have Internet again. YIPPEE!

First if you haven't seen yet. Little Reesie earned her wings and of all days on her 1st birthday! I can't even imagine how difficult it is to go through the lose of your own child. Lil Reesie is no longer suffering or hooked up to tubes but I bet enjoying a BIG piece of chocolate cake for her BIG birthday. You will be missed princess Reesie!!

The trip down went well, but very LONG! The kids were wonderful once again. I think they do better then I on this ride, LOL. We got on the road about 3pm on Tuesday and stopped around Indy for the night to catch a few zzzz's in a Travel Plaza. Then in the morning we got up and drove into Louisville where the family got to meet Angel Jayden's mom. We sat and chatted it up for about 2 hours and the time just flew by. I am so GLAD we got to meet you Vicki!! We will definitely have to make it a regular stop on our way through. I know it wasn't going to be an easy visit for you so I just want to let you know how much I appreciated seeing you. I am even more in awe of you and you truly inspire me. THANK YOU!! :) I hope we can have a great friendship.
After our visit with Vicki we packed up again into the RV and we made it to just south of Atlanta, GA before stopping for a few more of those zzz's. Thursday we made it here and I went into go mode to get everything put away and back in order. By Friday afternoon everything was done and put away. YAY! Then Dan and I took the kids to a local mall here and we all went trick r treating there. At first I though it was just something to take them out but how much fun at a mall? Well we had a BLAST! It was so nice the kids loved it so I think we will do that kind of trick r treating every year. The mall is a HUGE outdoor mall that is paved with bricks so Danny was laughing up a storm as his wheelchair was going bumpity bump bump. He is SUCH a boy, rougher the better. He just cracks me up! Avrianna said she wants to do that again as just about every store had someone sitting out by their doors giving out was great, still outside, still walking, and safe. With me not knowing the area VERY well and most of the area being gated communities I wasn't sure where we were going to go so I am happy to see the mall put it on. Here are my lil Trick R Treaters!! Aren't they the cutest, LOL.

Since being down here I have had only one REALLY BIG issue. Lil Man has decided he shouldn't have to pee AT ALL by himself for the last two days now and the 3 days before this it was at least once a day. So going from maybe 2X a week to 2-4x a day is getting concerning. I'm not sure why the sudden change but if it doesn't clear by Monday I am going to call Dr Kasper and see if he has any ideas. Today I had cath'd him and got (this is just one cathing) 17oz. HOLY CRAP! His poor lil belly was HUGE! When he woke up this morning his diaper was wet and I was so excited, but he must have peed very early in the am so by lunch time when I checked him again and he was dry I didn't think much of it (as I had thought it was about 4-5hrs) till I laid him down to cath him and his lil tummy stuck out so far. I couldn't believe it! So now ALL day I cath'd him. I hope tomorrow is a better day for the pee pee thing.

I will post more often now that the phone/computer line is up and running. Take care!

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