Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PT days ~ Happy Days!

Today was Danny's first appt with Ms Becky at Kid Spirit for PT and it went GREAT! YAY! I am so happy :) Danny enjoyed Ms Becky and the therapy time. She even put him on his belly first and he stayed awake the whole time....NO shutting down. He even vocalized for her, WOW!! Ms Becky is young and very excited to work with Dannyso has some good ideas to do with him. She is wonderful for Danny, amazing how you know within the first visit if it's going to work or not. Well she's great! Ms Becky came right over to Danny immediately and talked TO him and complimented HIM...not talking to him thru me. No hesitations or reservations with Danny for her and that just warms my heart. Danny is going to see her every Tuesday and Wednesday for an hour in the afternoon both days. WOW!! I can't say enough good things, so far, with Ms Becky and Kid Spirit. They are really on the ball! Everything I asked for they did right away, they asked the right questions, Ms Becky has exciting ambitions for Danny, and they are NOT scared of Danny. I can only hope that the good work continues on both Ms Becky and on Danny's part as I think this is the start of what I hope to be a wonderful therapy relationship, LOL, and I am going to continue it when we come back. I am so glad I looked into other means of PT for him out of the school system. THANKS Ms Becky and Ms Shauna for making my lil man & myself feel so welcome. What a GREAT first impression!

Other then PT for Danny things were pretty low key around here. It was soooo humid and sticky today I had to turn on the air conditioner for the first time since we've been here, wow! Avrianna went to the pool while Danny had PT but that was pretty much about it (other then school work) for her as she was tired and pale today. We turned on the air, she watched movies after school, and I scrubbed the floors (oh yay, but now they are clean once again for a lil while).

This Saturday I am taking the kids to a Fall Fest at a local YMCA so we should all have some fun together doing that. I signed the whole family up for a Jingle Bell Express (which is a passenger train ride that last about 2 hours with the Polar Express reading, Christmas crafts, and snacks) for when Dan comes back. Unfortunately we are going to miss the annual Christmas workshop (we will still be in FL) that we go to every year so I am hoping this will be just as fun to do. I am looking into getting tickets to Disney on Ice as the Arena they are going to be at in 2 weeks is about 5 minutes from us in FL. I think Avrianna will Love seeing a show on Ice. A Carnival has come to town and is about 1 mile away from our place so we might just have to check it out this weekend too.

Well going to turn in. Thanks for following our journey! Less then a month to go for the kids surgeries, boy does time cruise by fast (Dec 12). Take care!

Griffin is still in the hospital so please keep him and his family in your thoughts! Thanks

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