Friday, November 14, 2008


I can't believe it!!! I just got gas for $1.99, WOW! Unfortunately around here everyone else thought it was an awesome deal too so there was a line into the street to get at the pumps. Amazing what "drives" people now a days....we were just paying $2.40 here a few days ago and six months ago was what a buck + more. Glad to see the pumps getting cheaper, but very sceptical that it will continue.
This mornings IEP meeting went well (not as good as I had hoped but.....). They took Danny off of temporary to permanent services so that was good to hear, but still the most important (PT) isn't in play yet. I informed them before we left WI that we were coming down and they waited till the IEP meeting (2.5 weeks after we've been here) to start the paperwork for PT through the school system. Not excited about that, but it would be alot worse if I didn't go ahead and get PT outside the school. Call it mothers intuition but I kind of knew they weren't going to have their ducks in a row, sigh! BUT the therapist at the IEP seemed excited to work with Danny and had some good ideas that we haven't done in WI yet so we'll see what comes of their excitement in the next couple of weeks. The schedule worked really well with us too so that was a plus. Now with Speech, OT, Assitive Tech, the Teacher, and the PT (out of the school system) Danny will be getting therapy once a day for 1 hour. YAY!~ We have to have another meeting again once they get all the paperwork they need for the PT evaluation to being and HOPEFULLY by our next trip down (Feb-April) Danny will be getting PT through the school too. Once back in WI Danny has his IEP there too so the next 3 weeks are FULL of IEPs and evals, yikes! Avrianna went with us to the IEP and was a princess...she played gameboy, read some books, and drew some pictures. She was wonderful so afterwards I treated her to McDonalds and pampering (we got our nails done). She was so proud to be getting her nails done and the ladies were so nice to her...they painted on flowers over her hot pink paint job so the princess treatment went well. She deserves it!!