Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shopping land

This morning the kids, myself, and our neighbor went to a Holiday Parade and we had a very nice time. There are ALOT of Shriners around here, I believe they were in about 1/2 of the parade...clowns,bands, jeeps, I was surprised. One of the clowns (Smiley) came over and chatted it up with Danny for awhile, it was nice to see someone coming up to Danny and just talking to him not talking to me about him. I know Danny enjoyed it!
Then after the parade we went shopping, YAY!!!!!! My Christmas shopping is done, I need to pick up 2 more things that I want to get Dan, but for the most part I'm done. I even got all of my purchases from today wrapped, WOW! What a load of my shoulders to have it done. Thanks Linda for going out shopping and enjoying a wonderful day with us. I did find a great find in my shopping......I found a great photo book for Danny's scrapbook that I am going to put together for him for Christmas. I can't wait to get it get it together for him!
Three more days until Dan comes back to the sunny state. Wow ~ did the time down here go by FAST, but I am looking forward to going home to get up the house decorations up. Next year (NO surgeries) so I might just try the whole holiday season down I am NOT looking for forward going back to cold and snow, YUCK! I can NOT get used to the cold and snow at all.
Tomorrow we are planning on a low key day.....I believe it is going to rain here anyways so it should be a good day to loaf around the condo. Take care!

2 Notes
*Keep Danny's good Buddy and his family in your thoughts as Ryan is having alot of painful medical issues lately. You can check him out on his link to the Left.
** Please send out your pictures and messages to Danny(by email or email me and I will get you my mailing address if you perfer that way) if you'd like to participate in Danny's Christmas scrapbook. I am making a scrapbook of ALL that of been TOUCHED BY DANNY'S LIFE!

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