Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wind Chill??

Well I can't seem to stray too far from the cold temps for long. Tonight it is suppose to get down to the low 40's here in Florida and with the wind chill (yeap you heard me WIND CHILL) it could get into the 30's inland. To me that is "normal" but around here in Florida.....we it's just freezing for them!!!! The jet stream is coming from the north which is pushing the Wisconsin temps down to me...oh wonderful. Tomorrow the high is suppose to be mid 60's and then it is looking like the next days will start warming up to "normal" around here. Avrianna can't wait to get back into the swimming pool!

Danny must be upset wearing pants for the second day in a row as he was less then corporative in PT today. Everytime Ms Becky tried to do something with him he would shut down and fall asleep. She even brought out cool toys for him to play with and NOPE....NOTHING! He had attitude today! What a lil stinker, literally. When we got home he filled his pants twice. I think it was too much work for him to do PT and his duty all at once so....shut down during PT (sorry Ms Becky) and then give me the "gifts" when at home. LOL! After that he was all smiles and even vocalized a bit. Tomorrow I hope he will be better in therapy...but with PT even during sleep he can be stretched, heehee. I took Avrianna with us and I think she had more fun there then he did. There were alot of toys and Ms Becky let her play with whatever she wanted to (except the paint,lol). She can't wait to go back tomorrow too :)!

During our recharge movie day this weekend my lil girl gave me one of those AHHA moments. We were watching Racing Stripes and she couldn't understand why the horses were picking on the zebra for being different. She said she would help to teach him things. Then she was going on and on how she wouldn't pick on him and what she would do to try make friends with him because "it's ok to be different". Avrianna is becoming a beautiful, considerate, compassionate lil girl and I am so proud of her. The bond that my two children have ~ NO OTHER will be able to replace. It just warms my heart! :)
On that note we are still completing our homestudy and it should be done by Jan-Feb. I have started looking at photolistings again of children, but I know I can't get me heart set on one( or two) yet. Just looking, :) Breaks my heart to see all of these kiddos needing a forever family. They are just waiting for someone to say you are mine lets go home! Talk about the ultimate gift to be able to give someone ~ A FAMILY! The waiting game is the hardest part of the adoption process that is for sure. I am hoping that because we are not looking for an infant that maybe the placement process won't be as long but I also know it could take awhile. What a journey and adventure, I'm so excited!

I think Avrianna might be wishing for 3 front teeth for Christmas. Her one top front tooth has been loose for a few weeks now and today the other one started wiggling. Both her bottom front teeth are "big" teeth but one right by those also has been loose for a few weeks so it's just a matter of time when they come out. She can't wait till they fall out and I keep telling her the tooth fairy is going to go broke if she looses them all!!!! HEEHEE

My back is sore today....must have pulled something in my lower back, can't figure out why, lol. It hurts and when I walk I get this pain that shoots into my rear......Avrianna keeps laughing at me and saying I'm a pain in the butt. Got to love her!! I guess lifting lil (husky) man everyday is starting to get to me. I know, I know but he's MY lil boy and I just can't see having a lift carry him for me, he's only 4. Mom is suppose to do that? I am so scared that he is going to get too big I won't be able to hold/carry him any more. That's all I got is to hold my boy, let him know I love him, and I'm there for him. What am I suppose to do when I can't anymore? My heart just breaks ~ I wish I could hold him tight and close to me FOREVER!

Take care! Please keep Danny's friend Ryan and his family in your thoughts as he has pnuemonia now too. ARGHHHHHHH Griffin is doing better, YAY! It's way too early in the season for these kiddos to be getting sick already. Praying that this isn't the path for this very long season.

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