Saturday, November 22, 2008

Disney on Ice -- 3rd post of the day!!

Ok this is the last one of the day....promise!! :) Well the Disney on Ice show was GREAT! We all had a wonderful time. Mental note: (senior moment here, heehee) Don't wear sandals to an ice show! I am freezing!! I'm going to drink coffee and eat soup for the rest of the day to warm up. DAHHHHHH. We were in the front row (which is ON the ice, so that didn't help with the cold feet) and it was amazing. Some of the characters stopped by to shake Avrianna's hand and to touch Danny. I was great, but it happend all so fast so I wasn't able to catch it when they stopped...I do have a few of their back sides as they were leaving, though. Here are some pictures enjoy!! The ones with just me Avrianna did, maybe she'll be a photographer cuz she did a great job. See....
Here we are just before Here we are waiting for it to startSee how close we are!
Don't LAUGH!!! I wasn't ready
He doesn't like the hat either!! Some of the show :)

Little Mermaid
Lion King

Mickey and the Gang

Lilo N Stitch

Peter Pan

Do you think they had FUN?

Hope you enjoyed them!

Forgot to mention one of my stresses yesterday! I got a call from Milwaukee on Danny's surgery. The doctor wants Danny to have a consult with anesthesia before surgery and the ONLY time they could get him in is the 1st of Dec. Well that would require me to come home early not to mention drive myself and the kids home without Dan, NOT! They could squeeze Danny in on the 11th (day before) but it was at 2:30 and Danny's IEP at home is at 1 so wouldn't be able to make that time either (canceling his IEP and letting it expire is not an option). The scheduler mentioned that Dr Tassone WANTS this done, so with me and my meekness I stated to her that Danny has had around 10 surgeries there and if they can't find the notes and/or an anesthesiologist (I gave her 2 names whom worked with Danny in the past) that is familiar with Danny then I guess it isn't going to get done. I told her to have the Doc call me on Monday and we'll chat about it. I understand the whole theory about Danny and being prepared going under....but don't you think it's kind of weird how Danny has had MULTIPLE surgeries there and Avrianna hasn't had any, and she isn't required to have a consult with anesthesia. This could get ugly :(

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