Friday, November 28, 2008

The Holiday's are Here

I didn't waste any time getting the holiday decorating started. I love holiday decorations!! Hope you like the new page :) !
Yesterday was such a good day. It was the most low key Thanksgiving I've had ever. It was mostly just a "normal" day for us with schooling and house chores (yeah I know I'm a meanie) but once that was done the kids and I just sat around and watched was great. The only snag was lil man must have known we were due to be somewhere so he decided he didn't want to pee so just before we went out the door I needed to intervene, sigh. I'm used to running here stuffn my face and running there to eat some more so walking next door to eat and then hanging out with the kids at home was a great change of pace. I just might like sitting at home for Christmas instead of the holiday hustle and bustle we normally do! The kids and I did go next door as they invited us to their Thanksgiving fest. The food was great and it was SO nice to be able to have some adult conversations. I forgot to mention......Danny slept the whole night for Thanksgiving day and did the same last night....for that I am THANKFUL.
Today is going to be another low key day for us as I'm used to today and tomorrow being my decorating days and being here I've got nothing to decorate, well except the web page, heehee. I'm going to bring out my Christmas music....I LOVE Christmas and let the carolling begin, YAY! Sorry to all that may be able to hear me, LOL. I might try and venture out to pick up a gift I bought ahead of time but really not too sure I want to be out with all the Black Friday shoppers. This going out shopping for gifts is for the birds.....I bought one thing and I am having a terrible time trying to go and get it.....I LOVE shopping on the internet. From the convenience of my own home, whenever I want, usaully cheaper, and it is delivered to my door. Why wouldn't you :) !! Well good luck to you shoppers out there!
Take care and please send out your pictures & messages soon if you'd like to participate in Danny's Christmas scrapbook that I am going to make for him. This is going to be something he and I can look at and I can read to him for years to let him know who has been TOUCHED BY DANNY'S LIFE~

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Anonymous said...

Hey special peoples!!,

There is so many people that have been touched by Danny thats for sure, and not to meantion the best big sister ever!!

Your an awsome mum whose love shines through when you talk about your Prince and Princess.

Have a loveley holiday,

Caz and Dec xxxxxxxxxxxxxx