Saturday, November 22, 2008


I know 4 posts in one day.....I should get a real job! Heehee This one is it cuz I'm heading to bed!

I got an idea from another kiddo I follow (thanks Heather) for a gift for Danny. I would like to start up a scrapbook of his friends, family, and followers. Something I could put together and be able to read and show him whenever. So if you'd like to participate in this gift please send me a picture and comments that I could add with it. You can email me them or send me an email and I can give you my address (if you don't have it). I will be a great project for me when we are in the hospital too :) You know me always have to be busy!!

Here a some pictures of us making cookies! YUM!! I love this season so much good food and baking.

It is alittle weird here to see wreathes and holiday decorations when the weather is so nice. I'm used to freezing when that stuff goes up. I'm sure when I get home to Wisconsin to put up the decorations I will be FREEZING. Usually the day and weekend after Thanksgiving I get all my holiday decorations up. So I will be late as I won't be able to put them up till about Dec 8th. I will have alot to do with decoration, preparing the house for recovery (putting Danny's bedroom in the living room), surgies, and then finishing my shopping. I am pretty much done (even wrapped, yeap that's my OCD, LOL) just a few odds and ends.

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