Friday, November 21, 2008

Up Early

Long morning for us already .... Danny has been up whining, tummy noises, and what seems as refluxing since just before 4am. He has been having this hard swallowing episode and facial expression when I feed him during the day (2oz bolus every 1.5hr) now last night he was doing the same thing on the feeding pump and woke himself up!! So not sure what's going on. Is it just a tummy bug thing as this never happen before or is the reflux issue getting worse? (He has the nissen to prevent more reflux but thinking it is starting to leak)....we will see what tomorrow morning brings. I crushed up a TUMS and stopped his feeding around 4:30 and he got alil better. ????? TUMS sucks to give through a Gtube...I'm not sure I can do that, but did. He was making tummy noises and pulling his legs up too so....... could be a bug... I gave him an enema to see if he was having issues with that end but all that came out was air and just alil spot. That's my excitement for the day so far, LOL.
Avrianna is going to Grandma's today to make some Thanksgiving/Christmas cut out cookies...she probably won't be able to participate in the annual cookie baking at Grandma's house because of the surgery so Grandma is going to do alil batch with her today. Avrianna LOVES making cookies with Grandma.
Last night the kids and I went to Grandma's for a dinner party that she was having. It was a great time. Everyone was so into taking about my kids....right up my alley, LOL!!
Well need to get going and get the kids in the tub and give myself a cold shower to WAKE UP! 4 people due here around 1 for Danny's therapy today and I am DRAGGN butt! Emailed already and going to call the doc to get his opinion on Danny too. I will let you know later how the day is going. If this IS a bug....GOD I hope Avrianna doesn't get it!

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