Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today I received the article that Previa Health did on Danny since his Intrathecal Baclofen Pump was implanted and our relationship with Dr. Terrance Edgar (Danny's neuro). It is a great article!! Thanks Sean I LOVE the way you handled our story! Here is the link for the Health Review magazine where the article ran in. We are on pages 11-13. ENJOY!! :)

Today Avrianna and I did alittle salon work. I cut her hair......3" off. She is so cute! She looked into the mirror runs back and says "Mom now I look like Mary Kate and Ashley, I LOVE it, thanks!" She is so excited. Oh Boy ~ Well here she is in all her glory

Today Danny was a hoot at therapy. Ms Becky noticed what he was doing (or lack of doing). He would do things that I asked him to do BUT ONLY when she would leave the room. Then when he would catch her sneaking around the door way he would STOP! So for a lil boy who is "blind" and who doesn't know what's going on....well SIKE! He saw everything today and knew exactly what we wanted him to do. He just felt the need NOT to do them, heehee. He's got attitude!! His sister has taught him well, LOL. So all in all it really was a good day. Tomorrow is OT and the teacher from the school district here at the house, so we'll see how that goes with Danny participation!

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