Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Festival

Today I took the kids to the Bonita Springs YMCA as they had a Fall Festival there. It was a great time and cheap. It was in the open outside so alittle hot for Danny in the sun but we managed to jump tent to tent to stay mostly in the shade. It only cost us $2 for the family to get in and they had tons of stuff to do. They had a tent from the Imaginarium so Avrianna got to make her own slime, uck, and then we got to see some reptiles. There was a baby alligator (which we touched) and saw a snake (already had a snake preview this morning as one was slithering out my back door, YIKES!). Then face painting (Avrianna got a FULL face paint of a princess, figures, LOL), making bird houses, card making, other artzy fartzy stuff, and alot of local information tents. We did it all with no additional costs! The other half of the festival had tickets you could purchase to do games and rides. Avrianna bounced around and slide down the BIG blow up play sets (for free, WOW) and then played some games. She did great at them and won enough prize tickets to get a goody bag full of stuff. WOW! All for about $12.00. I bought Danny a souvenir T-shirt that he can wear as I felt bad he couldn't do anything but BE there and be HOT! So after the festival we came home and I took the kids to the pool to COOL down. NAP time now, I wish!! Weather is suppose to cool off now for the next few days......but we'll see what they define cool is, as if you live here all the time it's cool and I think it's awesome weather.

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