Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008

I can't believe today is the last day of 2008, the year just flew bye once again. Where does the time go? I can't say I'm going to miss 2008 as is was pretty rough around here.....Avrianna had her first Aplastic Anemic Crisis, Danny had multiple respiratory issues (in the summer), and to add the cherry on the top ended with both kids surgeries. That's just a some of the major issues. I'm looking forward to 2009 and hoping it is filled with many good things our way. With both kids surgeries behind them I can only hope for GREAT things next year. We will be moving into our new house in the fall so that in itself is exciting!!
Last night we had family movie night and watched Kung Fu Panda, again.....yeap it was painful but Avrianna & Danny love it!
Stay safe tonight! Reflect on the past, Live life for today, and move towards the future!! Not too much to report so that's nice for you guys, LOL. Happy New Year, 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Appt, Appt, and more Appts!

Boy how exhausting today was. I sat on the phone ALL morning coordinating appts for the kids (well mostly Danny). After hours of moving things around it's all done....I hope. I have 3 full days of appts for Danny on Jan 21-22 and then again Feb 4. He is going to get a complete run down of follow-ups not only from the surgery but also with ALL the specialists that see Danny. 3 days to fit in all the docs, WOW.....I think the list is too long, LOL.
Let it snow...........AGAIN, ugh. I wish I could click my heels 3 times and say "There's no place like Florida", heehee. Time is just not moving fast enough for me and ALL this snow is making it worse. Too dream, sigh!!! We are anticipating another 6" tonight, YUCK.
Danny has been playing possum with the camera and getting him to "talking", so no go there...but I have the camera close and hidden so just maybe I can catch him, LOL. He got a clean over today with a sponge bath, nail clipping, hair washing, and then his favorite a lotion massage. He even gave me those eyes like.....Oh don't stop this is HEAVEN. I managed to slip my hand down the back of his brace and give his lower back a rub down. He LOVED it!!
Avrianna has been back in the swing of things with her school work. It was alil rough to get the routines back in place since surgery but we are pulling ahead once again. We have incorporated the new Wii Fit games that we got for Christmas in for our daily PE. We have a great time playing it together and it keeps us moving inside...hopefully getting Mom in shape too, LOL. Avrianna also got alot of computer school stuff so she was SO excited when I downloaded all of her material onto our old laptop. She has been working so hard and doing such a great job ..... she deserves it!
We are getting more disappointing news in regards to the adoption process. This whole getting the home study done is becoming a ROYAL pain. The social worker is coming out to the house for our meetings which is very helpful for us but to get the "training" done is nuts. Dan and I had already done our 16 hours training but because it was with our first agency the second wouldn't honor it so we need to do it over on their terms. With the first one we were able to due Internet courses so we could do it on our time frame, but with this new one we need to meet somewhere and the options are not working for us. Dan had gone to part of it and was going to finish it in Jan but instead they didn't sign him up for it and now the course is FULL. So Dan can't finish his part and I can't get mine done. I had planned for this and even had gotten someone to watch the kids for us....but now we can't get in. I requested forms twice to get registered with no replies from a social worker and now we are OUT OF LUCK! I am so pissy.....don't go the extra mile to help out a family that wants a child. The system SUCKS right now!
Please keep our good CB family in your thoughts today as today would have been Angel Jayden's birthday. They are missing him so MUCH! To follow their story HAPPY Birthday Jayden....balloons were sent off your way!
Take care!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lines are Back UP

With the wonderful winterland we are having for weather around here my phone line was down and then went my DSL, sigh....So two days later I am back up and running, YAY! It gave me some time to get the new laptop I got up and running though. Dan and I didn't really do any presents for ourselves this year with the new house we decided that we didn't need anything. But after the holiday there was a great sale going on around here and we decided that we wanted to upgrade a few of our things so we got a new laptop and a digital camera. I am hoping that I figure out the camera and can get some video's of the kids on here soon. That was one of my requests that the camera can also take videos with sound. I can't wait to show off lil man's voice. He can be stingy with it so I'm hoping I can get it!! I sense a challenge here, LOL.
Avrianna is doing well, but she continues to OVER DUE it during the day and wakes up in the middle of the night with tummy pains. So I need to get her to settle down more, but with her having MORE energy now since the surgery it is becoming NOT an easy task. She has a follow up with the surgeon on the 9th and he is coming here to the Valley so I don't have to drive down to Milwaukee for a 5 min appt.
Danny is doing better with his pain so I think he is on the right side of the road to recovery. He continues to want to keep his wounds "dirty or wet" so he's been keeping me busy. Knock on wood here but no infections and the sites are looking better and better every day. Now the hardest part of this is not being able to hold's tearing me apart.
Today I went out for some errands (without kids) and it was a nice break away. I was able to go out and about at my own leisure. I even got a chance to run out the new house site and we have WALLS, Yay! I was excited to see that...with the crappy weather I had thought it would be slow moving.
Front entry

Bedrooms Avrianna to the left, Master in the middle, Master bath, and Danny's far rightRear of house and Guest Bedroom (to left)Looking at rear of house from the South

Take care!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cleaning Up

Today I am starting to get life back to "normal". I am putting the Christmas stuff away and then if I have time I'm going to take the tree down. This season I'm just not into it.....usually the tree and decorations are up the day after Thanksgiving and not taken down till Jan 2nd, but not this year. I got the stockings and (thanks to Avrianna and my aunt) the tree up this year just in the nick of time and I'm already looking forward to taking it down. Don't get me wrong this Christmas was awesome with not having to go ANYWHERE, just hanging out with Dan and the kids, and playing with all the toys (it was so great I do believe it's going to be a new tradition around here, sorry famiy). But my mind set really wasn't into the Holiday in general. I had a bunch of munchie food ready so when people stopped by then I was ready for some entertaining. Most everyone stopped by to see the kids and say their Merry Christmas's so that was great. We just didn't go from place to place seeing the same people over and over....they came to us. We had our first Wii party last night with my sister's was GREAT! Fun times had by all. I am so soar now though I've used muscles that I forgot I had. We got the Wii Fit too so I've been doing Yoga, balance games, and Aerobics so that should help in me getting back in shape (at home instead of having to go out). Boy was that a sock to the system.....she (wii) is so brutal.....I'm overweight and not really good at the training yet and she lets you know it....even makes your lil Mii person fat too, LOL. I'm so mad at her it is giving me the incentive to Kick it's BUTT, heehee. I would hate to see what she would have said a month and 10lbs ago...she probably would have just bursting out laughing when I got on it.
Danny is doing better but still requires his pain meds. Yesterday he had another blow out for me, LOL. So I am praying that this incision doesn't get infected. I swear the more I try to keep it clean the more HE thinks he needs to keep it dirty, what a BOY!!
Well just figured out my home phone line isn't working.....but the computer is??? That is weird but will need to call the phone company to see what the deal is. It is super duper foggy here and even raining? Only in Wisconsin can we get a record 39.7" of snow fall in December and then the last few days of December it rains. Well now Dan won't have to put the extension on the snow blower, as the snow banks were getting so tall the snow blower shoot wasn't able to get over them causing everything to hit the banks and blow right back at Dan, LOL. Alot of the snow is melting, YAY! I just hope the temp doesn't drop and this all freeze or it could get dangerous out! Take care

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas Day! Everything at The Osero household went pretty well. I can't say uneventful but we did good. Avrianna slept till 7:30am (which I was totally surprised she slept that long), I could hear her lil feet walk down the hallway and then turn around and RUN back to Dan & my bedroom. She went right over to her Dad's side of the bed to woke him up first...cuz Santa had come, LOL. We got out of bed and went into the living room and lil man was up too..with smiles :) YAY!! We opened our gifts....over here we open each one at a time so we ALL can see what everyone got...needless to say over an hour later the gifts were open. Santa brought the family Wii (we must have all been good to get a "family" gift this year). Avrianna got a Bratz scooter and Danny got Elmo Live, from Santa. Avrianna was so excited that Santa gave more then one gift this year!! With all the kids in the world that he needs to bring gifts for we ask that he only bring one gift for each of our children. Plus it makes it easier on me not having to worry if Santa is bringing over the same things that I buy for them, heehee.

So happy she got a scooter!So many presents they went behind the couch ~ Oh MY!!!
Danny blessed us with a HUGE gift.....a MAJOR blow out, YUCK! I mean MAJOR. It took all of me, Dan, and Avrianna helping to get the job cleaned up. I even had to change all his brace padding, that was alot of fun, NOT! But thanks to all the team work from the family he was cleaned up in not time. Of course because I gave him a sponge bath last night he couldn't stay clean for long. Only CONCERNING issue is that his gauze pads over the questionable incision on his belly were saturated in BM, Oh NO! I cleaned it out as good as I could, poor lil guy cried so hard :( and I put bacitracin ointment with new gauze pads on. Now we are just hoping for the infections....cross your fingers. With an open incision and BM soaked gauze pads things don't look to good thought. I am going to take some more pictures tomorrow (another warning just in case I due post them on here) so Dr Kasper can see them again and we can get his opinion.

It has been SO NICE staying at home this Christmas. No running here and there, going in and out. This is the FIRST Christmas of Danny's life he hasn't ended it in a sensory overload seizure fit.....want to take a guess with how we are doing it next year? I am seriously considering spending it in Florida!
Danny sleeping peaceful during our Christmas Day......after the blow out, LOL! Doesn't he look like a Christmas Angel?? Again Danny was in considerable amount of pain so he missed parts of the holiday but he deserves to just have some serious R&R time to recover. Ms Avrianna is still doing GREAT! She took her tape off last night in the bath tub and she is good to go, they all look wonderful. Dan and Avrianna have been playing Wii ALL DAY (which is so weird as we are not video game people) so that was a great family gift, Thanks Santa!! The big Christmas dinner I had planned has been postponed due to the munching ALL DAY here. I have had snacky foods out since we woke up just about so none of us wanted to sit down and have a BIG dinner. So tomorrow is my homemade lasagna and garlic bread. YUM!!

AssemblingInstructingAvrianna giving her Dad a run for his Money....she is SO GOOD!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have Snow will Shovel ~ 3rd Post

FYI~I deleted the last post of his incisions! Sorry to anyone that I grossed out but that was the only convenient way Dr K could "see" what I was telling him over the phone. Our concern is that the one incision is lifting and separating too much which may cause infection and other issues. Dr. Kasper said it looked OK right now but we need to keep a close eye on it! Sorry again

Avrianna was working so hard to help her Daddy! She wanted to go outside so bad today, so I figured I would let her go out for awhile...she ended up staying out for over an hour and she had a blast.
Two peas in a pod!!

The snow banks are getting so tall you just about lose Avrianna!

Look he CAN hold onto something when HE wants too.....Yeap I'm training him well....he is holding Dan's wine glass. He just needed an incentive!! As you can see Danny and I are not snow people in this family we don't go out in it unless we HAVE to.Just thought this picture turned out neet!! :)We had a nice quiet dinner at home with just us four and Avrianna can't wait to fall asleep so she can wake up early!

Our Twelve Days of Christmas - 2nd Post

Our Twelve Days of Christmas-
author unknown

On the first day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me:a child with a disability.
On the second day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me:a heart full of love for my child with a disability.
On the third day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me:an ache in my heart and a heart full of love for my child witha disability.
On the fourth day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me:a tear in my eyes, an ache in my heart and a heart full of lovefor my child with a disability.
On the fifth day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me:an unsuspected strength for the tear in my eyes and the ache inmy heart and my heart full of love for my child with a disability.
On the sixth day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me:a ray of hope, an unsuspected strength for the tear in my eyesand the ache in my heart and my heart full of love for my childwith a disability.
On the seventh day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me:a sense of humor, a ray of hope, an unsuspected strength for thetear in my eyes and the ache in my heart and my heart full of lovefor my child with a disability.
On the eighth day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me:supportive friends, a sense of humor, a ray of hope, anunsuspected strength for the tear in my eyes and the ache in myheart and my heart full of love for my child with a disability.
On the ninth day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me:remarkable doctors, supportive friends, a sense of humor, a rayof hope, an unsuspected strength for the tear in my eyes and theache in heart and my heart full of love for my child with adisability.
On the tenth day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me:an appreciation of small accomplishments, remarkable doctors,supportive friends, a sense of humor, a ray of hope, anunsuspected strength for the tear in my eyes and the ache inmy heart and my heart full of love for my child with a disability.
On the eleventh day of Christmas, the good Lord gave to me:a sense of pride, an appreciation of small accomplishments,remarkable doctors, supportive friends, a sense of humor, a rayof hope, an unsuspected strength for the tear in my eyes and theache in my heart and my heart full of love for my child with adisability.
On the twelfth day of Christmas, the good Lord said to me:Reach out and share your sense of pride, your appreciation of smallaccomplishments, your remarkable doctors, your supportive friends,your sense of humor, your ray of hope, your unsuspected strength fortears in your eyes and the ache in your heart and your heart full oflove for your child with a disability.

Monkey See Monkey Do! ~ 1st Post

Well I've been up primarily since 2:30am. Ms Avrianna gotten up 4 times between 2:30-6 saying her tummy hurts, sigh. It must be bad as I got her to take tylenol and she is one that would rather not take anything cuz "I don't like it"! This is the 3rd night in a row that she had gotten up with tummy pains at night...but then all day long she goes like wild fire. So is she over doing during the day???? Not sure what's going on but I would like to sleep! Then lil man wanted to join in on the fun and at 5:37am had a wretching and gagging fit, OH YAY! After I vented him he was fine but then wide awake, YAY party over here and I was invited! Tonight is going to be a LONG one can count on it, LOL!
What a pretty Christmas Eve but I don't have to travel. Another 4" expected today, YIKES! I feel for those holiday travelers that are not going to be able to get to where they need to be in the next couple days.
My front yard....snowing AGAIN the snow banks are about 4.5 feet along the sidewalk paths, YUCK!!

My back yard with drifts so tall Bailey would drop and get lost if she takes the wrong step, LOL. Dan has been snowblowing a path in the backyard so Bailey at least has a place to "GO". Have A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year~ The Osero's

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Birthday Boy! ~ 2nd post

Here is my Birthday boy!! He is kind of out of it today as the increase in meds have made him sleepy, but I'd rather have him comfy and recovering then crying and so rigid....especially on his Big Day. This is the most low key birthday for Danny but he seems to be enjoying!! Happy Birthday to my special lil man, Love you buddy. Next year I will make it up to you and throw the Biggest Bash everOf course Nanny came over to celebrate her lil boy's birthday and she brought Whitney and Tyler too. I was nice to see them! Thanks for the gifts ~ Danny will love wearing his t-shirts and looking at his snowman light. Nanny set him up right with bath stuff, pill crushers & splitters, warm fuzzy slippers, and a cool light board that plays with the beat of the music.
I was able to get the starry (sp?) strips off of his upper incision that runs along tummy (right under the ITB puck) over to his outer hip area...they were looking gross. The incision is looking great!! He has another incision about the same size that runs from the end of the outer hip down his thigh to about mid thigh. You can kind of see the tape under his leg. I didn't take those off as he had enough trama with the one today......He HATES tape!!!!! :(

Doesn't it look good!!!!! Yay :) I put some bacitracin ointment on it so it stays moist and has a protection barrier in the event he gets it "dirty". LOL Take care!

5 Years Old!

Happy 5th Birthday, Danny!!!
Danny has been up since 6 am and chattering away, YAY! I am so glad he woke up in a good mood, now I can only hope it stays that way. I am going to stay ontop of the meds today as his heart rate is still high so I know he is in discomfort and his face is red and flushed but no fever as of yet. I will post later but wanted to let you all know so far so good. Another snow storm is coming through and we are expected to get about 6" more, UGH! Happy Birthday buddy!

Here he is 5 years ago....boy what I long way he had come in such a short time!

To now!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

What an afternoon - 3rd post

I know I posted this picture in my last post....I haven't lost my mind totally.....YET! But this is the face I have had to look at ALL afternoon. No matter what I did to make it better it didn't work. He cried so long and hard today his voice is very hoarse. My heart is breaking!!! I pulled out all the tricks; repositioned, stroked the hair, turned his vibrating bed on, sang to him (I know that probably made it worse, LOL), and I even gave him a sponge bath thinking maybe he just felt miserable. No relief for Danny...I wish he could talk so I knew where it hurts, sigh. So I played the big card....I called Dr Kasper (not only after hours, but he is on his holiday vacation in another state). He was a big help!! Danny is resting peacefully now, but too peacefully. I knew that was going to happen as we increased his Clonezepam (don't really like this med) which is for his spasms and seizures. It's a muscle relaxer so to relax his spasms it also relaxes his airway, YIKES! He is already destating and on the bipap. As long as he doesn't drop too far down with his breathing I'm ok with will let him rest and recover. Danny's pain is like a snowball rolling down hill...if you don't nip it in the bud right away he becomes (like his sisters attitude drama queen) a drama king. Not to any fault of his own but his lil body and brain just can't comprehend what is going on and he goes into a HUGE sensory overload. Actually I had thought this was going to happen alot sooner so he was doing well. But with today, his pain I couldn't fix it in time, which in turn started crying, then spasms, then came the seizures. I felt totally helpless as I did all that I that's when Dr K came in. I hope this works out for him and I get to see a smile or two on his more pain & crying ...... cross you fingers. Thanks again for all of your support it's afternoons like this when I think I'm going to lose my mind, then I come on here and you all make me feel like I can do this. You guys ROCK!! I hope to post pictures of my smiling lil birthday boy tomorrow. My mother, niece, and nephew are stopping in the late morning to say HI and see the birthday boy.....then if weather permits I got an email from the kids Make A Wish grantor's and they wanted to stop out tomorrow night. YAY! We are trying to stay warm with a fire in the fireplace as the weather is still extremely cold and it looks like we are suppose to get another 2-4" of snow everyday for the next week, AGH!! I can't believe the amount of snow already on the ground this year. They said we have already gotten over 3x the amount of snow from last year this time. Florida here we come.....I wish!! Thanks again for following our journeys.

2nd post - Game Day

On a better note here are some pictures of my lil football fans. We are not big football fans here at The Osero household but we tend to get in the mood once in awhile. With a Monday night game and the Packers playing the Bears it is kind of big deal. Dan is a Bear fan...yeah I know there is no hope for him! So we dressed Danny in Bear attire too...only for today :) So the girls are wearing pack attire and well the boys are not, heehee.
Danny is excited to have Avrianna chill out in his bed with him!! See him smile I would cry too wearing the Bear's outfit. No....really, this is him when the pain meds wear off. Poor thing it just breaks my heart that I can't pick him up and rock him when he is like this. I just reposition him, give him more pain meds and stroke his hair till the meds kick in. Totally tugging a mom's heart strings here!

My Day to Reflect - 1st post

Today is my reflection day....who would have known that today 5 years ago would be the last day of my "normal". Five years ago today I went in for an ultrasound and amnio to find out that my lil boy was "ready", YAY! I was elated, surprised, and overjoyed. I went home, called Dan to get off work for the next day, packed my bag, arranged for someone to sit with his sister, and sat around thinking of the new life with our baby boy. I knew things were going to change but.... I couldn't have been prepared for what our baby boy was in store for, FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE! Ok here I am so excited and happy to bring my son into this world, Don't laugh!

The last picture of my son well and healthy and you can't even see him, sigh. Yes I was HUGE. The standing joke was I was Shamu and I should have been wearing a Moo-moo, LOL! Remember this is me 3 weeks early and I was miserable as I had gained around 100 lbs and was so swollen. I had started contraction 3 months before this picture and was on bed rest. I would give ANYTHING to go back to THAT moment of misery and excitement and play things out differently.

What a roller coaster ride. Tomorrow will bring on more emotions but I tend to use today as the "pity" day and celebrate tomorrow. Celebrate all of his accomplishments and the fact that I had another year to make wonderful memories with him. Something I thought I would never be able to do.

I look at that picture and see a women that no longer exsists! Am I a better person now, yes....but at what cost? The guilt I still hold....what if I pushed harder, what if I demanded a C-section, what if, what if , what if. All the what if's won't change things but I find myself going down that road once in awhile. I'm sure this year is alil harder as I'm not planning a Big Bash for his party (keeping busy keeps my mind off things) as I always do with friends, family, and Santa who always in his busy schedule makes a stop for Danny's special day.

Amazing how something so exciting and joyful can turn into the worst nightmare and the most painful episode in your life. For that Life is not look back at the day your child is born and still have such fear. For your son to be born with no heart rate and not breathing....I was robbed of the wonderful experience. I can't look back at his delivery and say it was good one and for that my heart has this gaping hole. All the expectations flew out the door in ONE MOMENT!! I just screamed for him the live what else is a mother suppose to do? EVERYTHING was suppose to be OK.Well here I am five years later! What a difference in size.....but that's only what you can see, I am a TOTALLY different person inside too. My lifestyle, my attitude, my parenting, my friends, ME in general ALL DIFFERENT. It's not all bad, but I just wish all the dreams and expectations I had 5 years ago today still lived strong! I love my children so much words can not express....this is not what I had dreamed for them. For my daughter to ask why her friends brothers can walk, talk and play and NOT hers.....just breaks my heart. For my son to not even be able to eat a piece of birthday cake on his big day (and every birthday is a BIG day)....can you imagine? To wish the only emergency would be some stitches due to a fall on the driveway playing and running around with friends, not 14 surgeries under his belt at the rip old age of 5 and so MANY hospitalization I can't even count. To wonder EVERY MOMENT if this is the last MOMENT with him. You never know when but it only takes that ONE MOMENT ...... believe me I know! That fear lives deep down inside me, I try not to dwell, but it is always there. I had lost him once and he was brought back to me and with the close calls he has had it shows me how fragile your LIFE is. I LOVE YOU DANNY.......Tomorrow you are going to be 5, WOW!!!!! Thanks for keeping on fighting ....... as long as you have the fight in you I will FIGHT for you. MOM

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Groups & Food

***Yahoo Groups that I follow is below****

Here is a post I did this morning in one of my Yahoo Groups! If anyone is interested

I have 5+ cases of Promote w/Fiber. If any one can use them they are yours. Just pay shipping. One case is about 16 lbs and my zip code is 54956 ~ if you'd like to figure shipping out. Just email me if you're interested. I believe I have 2 more cases sitting in Florida too I will post when I get back down there and whatever I have is available too the zip down there is 33928. Go figure I just filled the order and then they changed his food. Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the holiday season. Take care!
Lori Osero - Mom toAvrianna - 6yrs (Hereditary Spherocytosis, Homeschooled & Attitude)Danny - 4.75yrs (HIE, Severe Spastic Quad CP, Seizures, Gtube, Unstable temperature, COPD & Sleep Apnea,Precocious Puberty,ITB Pump, Kyphoscoliosis, Nissen, SIADH, Hydronefrosis both kidneys, Cortical Vision Impairment,Renal Tubular Acidosis,Optical Atrophy, Right hip dislocated, Laryngo & Tracheal & Broncial malacia, C Diff,Chronic Ear Infections, Homebound therapies)

Here is a list of yahoo groups that I follow : some of you may have found this site because of one of the groups.....they are full of wonderful people that have helped me termeniously in support of our families journies. You don't see a group that I follow that may be beneficial to us please let me know

Cortical Vision Impairment (Danny's has CVI) -

Hypoxic Ischemic Encephelapathy (Danny sustained HIE during delivery and that's the cause for many of his medical issues ~ means lack of blood and oxygen in the brain)

Parents of Severly Disabled Children -

Special Child Exchange - Wonderful group that posts to recycle or sell no longer used medical forms, supplies, equipment, and toys that our kiddos can play with.

Special Needs Umbrella - support group full of Parents/Caregivers that are located in the Fox Valley (WI) area

Our Special Needs Children - Support with ALL different types of therapies and education for our kiddos

Spherocytosis ~ This is the blood disorder that Avrianna and her father have

Trach Parents ~ Danny has been teetering with a Trach so I am trying to get as much info as possible

Homeschool sites :

Saturday, December 20, 2008

How Appropriate!

Now if he could talk............ what do you think?? This is NOT the life I ordered would be appropriate......I think!! :)

My mom came over today for a couple hours and watched the kids for an hour while I ran to Walmart....that place was NUTS! I can't believe all the people. I needed to get some odds and ends so I was out of there in no time but some of those people you could tell had ALOT to do. YIKES!!! Thanks Nanny for the hour break .... even though it was for grocery shopping it was nice to get out for just a few.

Let it snow once is really pretty out, but this snow thing is getting old. I'm not a snow or cold lover if you haven't figured it out. LOL! I can't believe how much it has snowed this season already. Tomorrow is the first official day of winter so I can only imagine how much more we are in store for, sigh.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa's New Ride!!

Santa just doesn't know it yet, but I have a red nosed Dalmatian with jingle bells for a collar ready to pull the sleigh for the big night....Heehee. She is ALL ready to GO!!Isn't she the cutest!! This was Danny's halloween costume this year, but it was too hot in Florida for him to wear it. He JUST fit into it and look it fits her perfect.
This was our art project today....hand print reindeer. Danny even corporated (well for the most part!) so I could get his reindeer done too. My SMILE is back if only for a lil while......but it was GREAT to see! As you can see I have my sassy T-Shirt on today ..... You Can Have My Sister! HeeheeAvrianna was so excited as a big box came in the mail today addressed to her and her brother. Thank You so very much Uncle Tim and Amanda we love our gifts!
My sister is reading me your get well card to me....then she read me The Snowman book. It was so cool that they popped out of the book.So true ..... the pillow says it ALL. Uncle Tim is my Dad's BEST friend....they went to school together and Uncle Tim STILL puts up with my Dad, LOL!The pillow fits perfectly under my braces .... THANKS!
GERMS stay OUT!! We are laying low for the holidays so the kids don't get sick. With Avrianna not having a spleen she can't fight off those nasty virus, bugs, and infections. If Avrianna get so much has a fever now I have to bring her in, so we are locking out any visitors that may want to visit that are sick. And Danny has NO pants so we are staying inside, LOL! Visitors are totally welcome but please be considerate and post pone any visits if under the weather with ANYTHING! Thanks
I am working on the Touched By Danny's Life scrapbook.....Please forward your picture and message to Danny and I will add it to the book. There is still time! Thanks to all of you that have already sent Danny your wonderful messages and pictures. This is such a great memory that I can read and show Danny for years to come.