Sunday, June 7, 2009

We're doing WHAT?

Rain, Rain Go AWAY!!!!! I know Wisconsin is known to be cooler, but this weather is CRAZY! The kids and I are ready to pack our bags and head down to Florida till August, maybe it will be at least 60 here in Wisconsin by then, LOL! What a weird season Spring 2009 is ~ Bring out the winter coats n mittens *sigh*
Danny is a NEW boy ~ and all it took was a bath last night. I soaked him in a Vix bubble bath and he turned around, just like that! YIPPEE, if he didn't want to go to the Make-A-Wish Birthday party I can think of a few other alternatives then the game he played yesterday, YIKES! Just shows how fast things change around here.
I'm so excited I got ALL of Avrianna's 2nd grade books ordered yesterday. I can't wait for them to come in. I spent a good part of the day yesterday putzing on the computer (as Avrianna would say) finding new "used" books and I SAVED a bundle ~ YAHOO! I think Avrianna and I are going to start doing a family tree for a project. Avrianna seems to be interested in who's who and I think she'll enjoy learning more about who and where we came from.
A BIG milestone for ME is going to happen this weekend........I am going away without the kids for 2 full days and 2 nights. Dan's best friend, Tim is getting married to Amanda, up North in Wausau. I'm very apprehensive about this step, but willing to give it a try. I'm not worried about Avrianna as I know she will have fun with her Nanny, and I think my niece & nephew are coming along to help Nanny, LOL. I'm sure Avrianna will be right by Nanny's side to make sure she does everything right with her brother, but I've NEVER left lil man over night with someone else in his whole 5.5yrs..........well I don't know how to think. I know I have to get over it, it will be OK, and have fun. Things change so fast with him and he tends to be on the extreme side so I'm just afraid he's going to freak his Nanny out....she's alil over reactive too, LOL. I LOVE my MOM dearly, but NO ONE is trained in watching him for at length periods of time especially over night. It's not that I don't trust her.......I don't trust Danny. Then the more I think about it the more I'm kind of disappointed that NO ONE is prepared to help me out with lil man, he is 5.5yrs old and NO ONE has shown interest in getting to REALLY KNOW my lil man. Sure I get the if I can help out all the time, but no one has ever followed through to learn so I can use them. It's not like I can say here he is.....I'll be back later. I will only be about 1.5 hours away so if things should start to go hay wire I can be home relatively soon. We are bringing the RV to camp out & towing the mini van to cruise around town with while we are up there so if I have to bug out early Dan isn't stranded up there. He's in the wedding so he wouldn't be able to leave. I'm looking forward to having a nice weekend, so I'm thinking positive =)
Today was my first experience with Sam's Club. Mental note......Never go there again on Sunday! Wow ~ what a NUT house! From what I saw I think I can do some serious shopping there, but NOT today. We just got a few things we were looking at getting for the Laundry. Yeap, we not ONLY are building a new home, but we started a new Business too a Coin Operated Laundry in Neenah (The Clothes Hamper). I keep joking Dan.....not like getting all the high divorce factors out there at once (special needs children, Homeschooling, building a new home, starting a new business, and now health issues with me), LOL. I believe the ET of the laundry mat opening is in a couple weeks....I'll keep you posted.

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