Friday, June 26, 2009

Danny stopped breathing!

Very bad news to report! Danny during his nap late this afternoon decided to stop breathing ~ CODE BLUE....words a mother really never wants to hear, but I've heard my share *sigh* He went into respiratory FAILURE. We are unsure of why this all happened, but I thank my lucky stars it did happen in the hospital and not at home. UGH! My mom stopped up because I was actually going to go out to dinner with Dan and Avrianna, stop at home to get new clothes, and get the van so I had my own wheels to drive to my appt tomorrow morning to go over the results and treatment options on me with the Neurologist....NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ~ CODE BLUE. Holy Crap do people come running from every direction and into this little room. I was able to get Avrianna out of the room and in the child life room to play before anything really happened so she is not aware of the severity of all this, and didn't see Danny intubated. I am thankful that there was a volunteer on the floor to keep her occupied and distracted so she wasn't traumatized with all this....but my mom might need some therapy after this, LOL

Danny was intubated around 6pm and we were transported down the CHOW in Milwaukee via ambulance. We got up to the floor right around 12:30 in the morning. It's 3 am they are still not done with him and I couldn't sleep if I wanted to. When will this nightmare END! He is comfortable right now, which is a HUGE as the first 3 hours of intubation have been complete HELL. He was fighting the tube and VERY irritable, I can't blame him for that one.
Get this one.....I was just informed that I can not leave the room! We are in isolation.....until the cultures come back for swine flu and some other tests ~ I can NOT leave the room. Ok ~ they don't have showers in each room, they have a shower area by the parent lounge...I can't go. I can't go to the cafeteria to get food as I can not be near the public. I wasn't able to go home to get new clothes so all I have is clothes that need to be washed with me....again not able to leave the room. With this isolation and the with the scare of swine flu we can't have any visitors. Oh yeah I can't use my cell phone either ~ Can you tell how impressed I am with this place already. NOT! Danny is in room W524 in the ICU the direct line to the room is 414-337-8144. You can try my phone and leave a message, but again I can't leave the room so I won't be able to return your call till I can leave the area. Other then the size of the new rooms here I'm NOT impressed, not at all. I feel terrible as our friends The Prindle's are here to....she stopped by to say hi and see how Danny is doing...instead of NOT letting her in, they did and now they are in the same protocol that we are in....They can't leave their room either ~ I am so Sorry Brenda, I wish they would have told us they were going to do that :(
Woohoo it's 3:30 and they are FINALLY done with him and going to leave him alone for a few hours. I am going to try and close my eyes for awhile till the doctors start coming by in the morning. Thanks for following us! I will keep you posted


Angoraknitter said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear this! I'm glad Avianna wasn't in the room for the traumatic parts. It is hard to see, especially when it's a loved one. However, I'm one of those nurses that felt it was important for family to be there if they wanted to be...providing someone was also there to be with them (explaining, and such). It's the brink of the end of a life....and it's a sad but sacred moment. Codes are probably the most traumatic experiences, and in no way are they peaceful or pretty.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lori! What a dreadful experience to be going through. My thoughts will be with you continuously as little Danny once again fights bravely to overcome the odds.
You're such a strong woman and a wonderful mother. I hope and pray you all get through this and as quickly as possible!
I'm happy too Avrianna was spared from seeing Danny at his worst but worried for you. I'll keep checking in and hoping things improve.

Angoraknitter said...

I'm so glad to hear it's not the swine or rsv! (yeah for iPhones & facebook). We r thinking about you all.