Friday, June 12, 2009

Tough Love

I had to have a REAL heart to heart with myself yesterday. It was another on of those days that you wish you could go back to bed and start the day OVER.
First business was the second hamster was VERY sick .... so much for thinking these things were good pets. *SIGH* We ended up taking it back to the pet store yesterday afternoon and they thought it had "wet tail". They didn't think it was going to recover as it was in bad shape so we got another (an FINAL) hamster, Avrianna named this one Bugzy. This is going to be our last attempt at having a hamster....3 in 3 weeks. UGH! What a lesson I'm teaching her....don't worry something dies we'll replace it, I thought about that one and was just sick to my stomach, it terrible.
Then as I was getting ready to start the day yesterday......Avrianna came into the my bath room, while I was in the shower, to tell me Danny is "freaking" her out. WHAT!!!!! So I run out of the shower and yeap he is in a seizure, poor thing. This one lasted approx 20 minutes so I had to give him his rescue med, Diastat. He was WIPED after that, plus the Diastat knocks you out too. He didn't pee on his own yesterday either....I'm sure due to the heavy doses of muscle relaxer/Valium he got. This all is stemming from the change in his seizure meds so I was expecting some break through seizures, but honestly not this much or this intense so early in the game. SIGH. It will be better once this Topamax is out of his system.....BAD TOPAMAX!!
Avrianna was suppose to go to the dentist for a cleaning yesterday morning so needless to say the seizure Danny had canceled that. We were to leave in about 30 minutes after I finally got it the seizure to stop and I couldn't take the chance of lil man going into another one while driving on the road. Avrianna wasn't too upset about bumping her appt, LOL.
As I watch my lil man tremmer it was a HUGE slap in the face.......I don't even leave him alone (AT ALL) in a hospital full of fully trained personell, why in HELL would I leave him with my Mom. Someone that hasn't even watched him more then a couple hand full of times for just a couple hours here n there and doesn't have the slightest clue on what to do if something goes on. Not to knock my Mom, I love her dearly, but just being my mom doesn't give her a free pass. So plans have changed this weekend. I will be going up to the wedding part & dinner and then coming back the same night. So I will at least be getting "Out" for a few hours. My mom will be here to still watch the kids, she is going to stay the night tonight and start getting familiarized with Danny so if I should run into this again we BOTH will be more comfortable. I'm sorry but a one hour crash course on Danny just isn't enough for me to leave him alone with her....not even with a trained nurse it's not enough time.

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