Thursday, June 4, 2009


Avrianna so VERY PROUD that she can FINALLY ride her "new" bike.  We've had this bike for over 1.5 years in the basement (yeah Daddy was thinking big, LOL), so after that long of just being able to look at it ..... LET'S RIDE BABY!
Here is a video of lil man working with his digital switch this afternoon.  He is doing so well with it.  WAY TO GO DANNY!
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Avrianna and I are so excited that this year we have a GREEN THUMB.  All the pants that we potted and replanted are still alive, WOOHOO.  The new hamster is still kicking too, thank goodness, LOL.
I took Danny into see Dr Kasper yesterday as the "sun burn" I though he had on his face would mysteriously fade out and pop back throughout the day.  I guess something blew or got on his face this weekend that isn't agreeing with his sensitive skin and his has dermatise (sp) so he has a blistery rash on his face.  I have to put cream on it twice a day, poor thing.
Last night I had my MRI with went well and only lasted about 1.5 hours.  Mental note do not cross you legs when you have to not move for 1.5hours....legs and feet fall asleep fast and you can't do anything about it, LOL.  Now the sit and wait game for the results.  I will keep you posted.  I hope to hear something by tomorrow, but not sure. I'm on the doctors time now, heehee.

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