Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Machines

Danny was off ALL his breathing machines for about an hour and a half this afternoon, YIPPEE!! Then he started to struggle and dip his stats down, so he is back on....but he was off for a while. He looks like he is in the right direction. I guess the antibiotics are doing their job breaking down the bacteria. I can only HOPE that this continues!! Today he got a bath and a new mattress too =) It is so cool....it's an air support mattress, the hospital and the rep are in the works in getting Danny one for at home.
Today we got a visit from our good friends (Jaime and Sarah). Thanks for coming guys it was so nice to chit chat with you. Breaks up the day and it ALWAYS nice to see you. I also got a nice visit this morning from one of the nurses up here that has been diagnosised with what they think I may have. I was great to hear some of the things she is going or has gone through....as you all know me, I like to be in the know.
Well Avrianna is back up here so I better get going. We are going to play a mean game of Monopoly, wish me LUCK, LOL

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