Monday, June 8, 2009

With some help from Ms Aaryn and leg immobilizers Danny was standing up today. Now with him not being in the stander to give him the height I was able to SEE how tall my LIL man is. Avrianna is just about a hold head taller then Danny. She's my sprout!!Yay ~ Good Job standing Danny!Checking out the view from the 6th floor ~ Doesn't he look GREAT. Yeap ~ Avrianna has to be around to help him out ALWAYS, he's stuck with her FOREVER, LOL
Love his eyes......seriously Mom you're NOT going to help me out here?
Dr Kasper called this morning and as we wean Danny off of Topamax for his seizure we are going to add back Tripletal. Danny was on this med once before, but he has issues with maintaining his sodium levels on it. But I would rather have to add sodium to his diet then have to deal with stones on an on going basis. It's the lesser of two evils :( The doctors feel that Danny won't do well just dropping one of the seizure meds so we have to replace it maintaining his seizure meds to 3 meds, UGH! We'll have to go in more for labs to watch his sodium levels, but I'd rather do that then surgery from painful kidney stones all the time.
Dan's Dad, Papa and Claudia are due to be here soon. Avrianna is so excited she is going to be able to hang out with them for a few days. I'm sure we'll have to get some shopping done while they are here as it's still raining a cold here, what better to do then.....SHOP.
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