Sunday, June 14, 2009

ER ~ Admitted

My sick lil man....I took Danny into ER today to get some chest xrays. He was laboring his breathing so I figured was better get a picture of what his lungs are looking like. On his bipap and 5 liters of Oxygen he was holding his stats 85-92, not impressive, and tugging hard at each breath. He is still very congested and the doctor said his throat was still red! The doctors came in and stated that his chest xray was ok, and his blood work looked good we were going to go home and ride out the storm. If he should get worse just call and they will direct admit him to the floor. The respiratory therapist came in to suction him before we left...didn't listen to me, and now Danny is paying the price. I told her I use a 8 maybe 10 size cath to suction him and she used a 14. Which totally aggravated him and he started to CRY and then obstruct.....the Doc come back in and said no way was he leaving obstructing. Which then caused him t get even more congested.
Doesn't this just break your heart! Seriously this ER sucks....they tend to make things worse then better. I'm so disappointed ONCE AGAIN! Danny is going to be ONLY direct admit coming back to Children's Fox Valley....cause going to ER ISN'T going to happend.
So then another suction treatment...but by a different RT, she over aggravated his esophagus and he started to bleed, then choke, and which caused his stats to drop to 77-80 for about an hour. That bought him a ticket straight to the floor. He now is admitted and in room #413. SIGH He is sleeping right now. He deserves a good sleep! Poor thing was working really hard this afternoon to just breathe. Unfortunately his numbers are not impressive still....sleeping with the bipap and 5 liters of oxygen (normal without oxygen).... his heart rate now is 160 (normal at sleep 45-60), respiratory rate 45 (normal 30), and stats are 92 (normal 97-100). Well while he is sleeping I should catch some ZZZZZ too. Well see what tonight and tomorrow brings. I'll keep you posted

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