Monday, June 15, 2009

I was just about to post how stable Danny has been today. Not any better....but not any worse, then I realized his stats are starting to drop while on bipap and oxygen. So we have increased the oxygen liters once again. Danny has started 2 IV antibiotics, an inhalation antibiotic, he gets Mr Jiggles 4x a day, slow drip continuous feed, and now the cough assist machine is back (still not doing anything , but it's back). They have tried to take the bipap and/or the oxygen at times throughout the day and he didn't do too hot without them. I'm sure he isn't going to turn around JUST because we are in the hospital...he's going to take some time to start to get better. Poor thing =( I see Danny is suppose to have follow up appts in Milwaukee for ENT, Pulm, and Endo on Thursday......guess I will be on the phone tomorrow to reschedule as that isn't going to happen.
I was able to get my cell phone back up and running today, Yay. So you can now call me on my cell again.
Avrianna starts all of her camps this Dan is being Mr Mom and getting her ready and running her around this week. She came up to visit us for awhile today, but she ended up spending most of her time in the play room, LOL. Avrianna had a nice time and that's all that matters.
I am taking advantage of the hospital stay and getting alot of information from the nurses in regards to getting respite care in the home to help me out with lil man. I made a "flier" and put it up in the nurses break rooms to see if anyone is interested here in respite with helping me with Danny.
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Jamie Bork said...

Poor Danny! I'm thinking about you guys, and keeping you in my prayers. I wish I could help with the respite thing, I know lots of people up here where I am, but can't think of anybody down in the valley by you. Try contacting the school and see if any of their paraprofessionals are interested. We have a few here that do respite for our special needs families. Might be worth a try.
Hang in there. Hope Danny gets better soon.