Sunday, June 28, 2009

Roller Coaster Day!

Missing something???? Yeap ~ Danny was off all his machines for awhile today. YIPPEE!!!! Here he was chilln out watching SpongeBob Square Pants with his froggie. *SMILE*
HI !

Can you tell he was SO HAPPY to be off his bipap for awhile? And no flushed face, yay! This morning he woke up smiling, happy, and chattering to his nurse Paul......My boy was BACK! It was a great sight to see and hear. Then respiratory came in and said we can try him off his bipap here and there for awhile. He did great!! He was off longer then we thought he would and for the most part tolerated it well. He still works harder and sounds better when off the bipap, but it was a nice change of pace to give his nose a break. After his night nurse suctioned him out he did SO MUCH better. Thanks Katie!!!! :) Now he is sleeping sound, but has a higher heart rate then normal with dips in his sats and a flushed not too sure what's in store this evening. I wonder if he was just off the bipap too long today and now he is working alil harder then normal? I hope tonight is uneventful!
We did have a few episodes that were seizure like today ..... we are doing some more investigating while we are here to find out what this episodes are and why they are happening. We are going to get some of his specialist doctors together tomorrow and brain storm. Wish us luck, LOL.
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Anonymous said...

That sounds a lot more encouraging to-day! Keeping my fingers crossed it continues and that Danny is on the mend!