Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lang Wedding

I was able to make the wedding after all. WHEW!! I was worried....I didn't want to miss Tim and Amanda's BIG day. Tim is Dan's best friend, hell more like a brother to Dan. He's been through alot with us and I was becoming very concerned that I wasn't going to make it. Lil man was up to his games this morning. Dropping his stats and becoming congested....I pulled out ALL my bag of tricks ~ hooked him up to every machine we have here in the house, gave him multiple Mr Jiggles treatment, called Dr Kasper and even did some breathing treatments. He stabled out within a couple of hours, where being on the Bipap and 3 liters of Oxygen at least was getting him to 92. My mom was brave enough to stay and watch him so off I went, 1.5 hours away. I DIDN'T want to miss this wedding, but my son was pulling on some SERIOUS heart strings. The last of the "group" to get married, Dan's best friend, and someone who is near and dear to my heart. I MADE it, YAHOO!!! I called home MANY times and lil man was behaving himself (for the most part) with Nanny. There wasn't too much he could do with all his machines hooked up to him as he stayed on them all day.

This is what he looked like when I left... do you see him "chewing" me out, LOLNanny VERY nervous, but watched him like a HAWKHere are some of the pictures that I took! It was such a beautiful day for a wedding. Best wishes Tim and Amanda! I am so excited that Tim found a wonderful woman to share his life with. She is AWESOME and they compliment each other wonderfully. Avrianna was disappointed that she couldn't come, but I told her I would tell Uncle Tim that he now has a date with her in a rematch of Wii bowling, heehee
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Today ~ this weekend ~ has shown me that I can't do it on my own. I NEED someone around to help me out with Danny and learn all of Danny's lil things. Someone I can rely & count on and someone that isn't afraid of all that Danny entails. So we are going to start looking at getting help at least once a week to start the next step in the cares for Danny. I'm not all sure how this all works, but next week I'm going to REALLY be looking into this more. Any tips are greatly appreciated. Even though it was nice to get out.....that wasn't fun, not knowing how things were going, wondering if things were really going ok. I NEED to know that when he is like this someone KNOWS him and cancare for him. I'm sure there are going to be instances like this again in our life times and I don't want to have this helpless feeling again. Danny was good for Nanny todayand Avrianna was a great helper, THANK GOODNESS.I got a phone call about 45 minutes away from the house that he was having another seizure, UGH! I swear this boy KNOWS more then given credit of sometimes. It's like he knew I was coming home so ..... let's stir the pot alil bit. BOYZ ~ Got to love them! This seizure was smaller and only lasted about 10 minutes, no rescue meds were needed for this one.
I was doubley exited today....I OT TICKETS! Avrianna and I are going to go see Hannah Montana in October for her tour in Milwaukee WI. Now I'm just debating on if we should get a hotel and spend the night there. The concert doesn't start till 7 so not sure if I want to drive 1.5 hours home after a Hannah concert.

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