Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wet Day

Well this morning Danny was "off" when I was getting him dressed for the day. I had him sit in his floor sitter for awhile, but he started to breath very fast (about 60 reps per minute) and tugging hard for each breath(check out the red face). His stats weren't impressive either 85-88 so that bought him a ticket to the Bi-pap all day.
I walked away for maybe 3 minutes tops to find Mr Bubbles.....he is getting wetter and wetter as the day go on. Even with the Bi-pap on he holds steady stats around should be higher on the bi-pap.
Dan stayed home with lil man while I took Avrianna to the Make-A-Wish 25th Birthday Party. We didn't stay long...just enough time to drop off our gift bad donations, eat a burger & some cake. Then we took off....we didn't stay for the Timber Rattler Game! It's WET...It has been raining all day and it's ONLY 45 degrees. Are you kidding me? Where's this Global Warming I keep hearing about? Ok maybe we will stay in Florida till July next season! Here are some picture of the celebration ~ they had the cast from Star Wars there.....Yeap both were COLD
They had a cake contest too so there was alot of cakes there. Even the Star Wars guy participated in the cake cutting. Guess which cake Avrianna has a piece was as close as I could get her to the guy, she wasn't impressed with the dudes in the armor and Darth Vader...not a chance of me getting her close to him, LOL. I've never seen her so skiddish before.She likes R2D2 though, heehee

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