Thursday, June 18, 2009

Up in the Air

Not too sure what is in store for Lil Man as of yet for today. He had an ok night, started to get a fever this morning, and had some wretching issues during RT treatments this morning. BUT..... he has been off the bipap and on 2 liters of Oxygen for the last 15 minutes and doing well. So there are some ups and downs already with today. I've seen Dr Natalie walk through breifly this morning so we'll see what she has to say when she rounds.....WE LOVE HER!!!! She used to be in Dr Kasper's office before coming here to the hospital so we would see her once in awhile. She is a wonderful doctor......she understands, gets, and isn't afraid of Danny......if we are to get out of here she will be the one to get it done.
We got some visitors here yesterday too. Danny's BFF Griffin came up and it was so was like Danny and Grif were chatting (just like their moms) together, one would coo and then wait for the other. It only last a few moments, so obviously their stamina isn't as good as their mothers. His room is filling up with cards and balloons. THANKS EVERYONE!! They put alil cheer in the room, not like I'm not enough to brighten up a room or anything, LOL, but Danny loves looking at all the new stuff.
Well need to get going as I have my Neuro appt in an got to get going. Lil man is going to hold down the room for me, he will make sure the nurses stay on their toes I'm sure of it. I'll post again soon.

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