Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Planting and Replacing

Danny has a VERY red face....it looks almost as if he is sun burned (if he was in the sun then that would be an option) and on his chin is a blister that is seeping. Not sure what has brought this on or what it is, but I think I'm going to be bringing him in to have it checked out. One moment I think it's getting better and then a few minutes later the blister seems to be popped out more and his face starts to get red again. NEVER A DULL MOMENT!
Sunday I went to the store and got a bunch of potting flowers to give the outside alil more color. I haven't done potted plants before so this was an experience. Avrianna and I had a blast putting together a few pots. Then I got a hibiscus (thinking of you Linda). I always wanted one of these and I thought it was cool as this one has two different colored flowers on it.Ok from this angle it doesn't look like much but it took us all day to rearrange and replant. We are trying to make the outside have more "curb appeal" for when we officially put it up for sale. Give it a few weeks and it should start shaping up :)
It was a very sad afternoon here on Sunday........only after having her for 3 days, Rhino passed away. Avrianna was devastated! So we had to to run her back to the pet store for her to be replaced, ugh
Bye Rhino you will be missed!And HELLO Mittens....Mittens is a dwarf hamster. Again leave it to Avrianna to pick the smallest one in the bunch. Boy I hope this one hangs around longer then the last.We also had to put her hair up in the "maze" to make her feel better.....she was just crushed that Rhino died :( Sobbed and tears the whole way into the pet store. I think the people in the store knew exactly why we were coming in....sobbing lil girl with a hamster ball.

Tomorrow I am having another MRI done. This time it is with contrast, in hopes to make the abnormalities stand out better, and they are capturing a larger area. This procedure is going to take about 2 hours this time.....the last one was only 45 minutes. UGH ~ Two hours in a very lil tunnel and you can't move...two hours of clicking and banging. What if I have to pee ~ LOL. I will keep you all posted...see never ask "What else" as with our family there is ALWAYS a "What else" right around the corner! ***sigh*** Really when will the health issues STOP!

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