Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well after the doctor came in to say we could go home.....they called down to Milwaukee to Danny's Pulm doctor to let her know the game plan. She wasn't excited about sending Danny home when he is SO dependent on the bipap. So we are NOT GOING HOME....I'm so sad and really bummed. This is normal for us so I don't see what the BIG deal is. Danny has pneumonia and is having troubles doubt he is going to need some help the next few days maybe even weeks, so I don't get it. He does GREAT if on the bipap, but every time he is taken off he struggles VERY HARD and so far today we were only able to get him off it for 30 minutes and that's with 2 liters of oxygen to "hopefully" help, but NO GO! So we are here for at least another 24 hours to see how he can do, which at the moment is great, if their goal is going home off the bipap. ***SIGH***
The nursing care thing is becoming a PAIN IN THE ASS to get paperwork started, approved, find a nurse, and all from the comforts of the hospital. There really isn't an agency in our area so I would have to go with a private nurse, which is fine......but wow it's overwhelming and right now I just feel lost. Almost to the point where is it all worth's just easier to do it myself? This is a HUGE step for me and right now I'm just feeling I'm getting no help trying to find help, if that makes any sense. Or am I just making a mountain out of all this cuz my head is spinning around?
On a good note....or a bad, not sure how to look at it, but.......NeuroScience called today and the doctor wanted to see me tomorrow at 12 noon. So I guess I'm getting in sooner? Wonder what all changed, but a part of me really doesn't want to know.
Avrianna is LOVING all her camps that started this week. I am glad she has them as her outlet and break from all our craziness lately. Dan is running around here, there, and everywhere, but welcome to my world (as I always say).
I will keep you posted with ALL that is happening with us. Thanks for stopping by....and let us know you were here, we love hearing from you too!

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