Friday, June 5, 2009

Danny results- 2nd post

Forgot to add the News with Danny. On Wednesday I brought Danny in for this rash, well while there we also sent in a throat culture cuz his throat looked red and a urine culture. The rash by the way has disappeared, BUT his face continues to turn into a tomatoe off and on throughout the day, weird I know. Then the throat.....he tested negative for strep BUT the culture grew Psuedomonas (which is a bacteria that grows where there is moisture). Because Danny has crappy Pulmonary Toileting (I love saying that) also known as not being able to clear airway and lungs with secretions, it must have made a home in his throat. UGH Danny has had this particular bacteria in his right ear do to his chronic ear infections, but I believe it's alot more involved now that it is in his throat. UGH again! We are going to watch it for now until we talk with the ENT.... if Danny should have respiratory issues or a bad odor coming from his mouth then we'll see about tackling this right away. Then onto the urine......his urine is way high in levels of calcium and PH. Which is another reason for this "stone" in his kidney....which is maybe an underlying issue with Danny but is agitated with one of his seizure meds (Topamax) and another med(By-Cytra 2) that counter acts a side effect of the seizure med ... Did you get all that? So long story short, we are taking out the extra Calcuim supplement for now and we are starting the wean off of Topamax (he's on three different seizure meds) and By-Cytra 2 to see how Danny does. Cross you fingers the seizures STAY WAY!!!!!!! Like we have enough on our plate right now......right? I will keep you posted on that earlier post to get more details on ME :)

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